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By Nelson, M

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ISBN-13: 9780691010984

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10. Katz, "Yisra'elaf 'al pi she-hata',"p. 266. As Katz points out, from the Jewish perspective,Rashi'spositionleft an ongoingburdenof repentanceon the Jewwho hadtriedto leave the fold. 11. The tenet thatbaptismmust be voluntaryappearedalreadyin the late fourthcentury in a law barringthe acceptanceinto the Churchof Jews who wished to convertto escape theirdebtsor prosecutionfor crimesthatthey mighthave committed(Linder,Jews in Roman ImperialLegislation,pp. 199-200). In416 the Churchpermittedconvertswho werelax in their observanceof Christianityto returnto Judaismif theirconversionswere knownto have been motivatedby somethingotherthandevotionto the Christianfaith(Linder,pp.

And the Silencingof Anita Hill," 68. See Amy Richlin, "RomanOratory,Pornography, SouthernCaliforniaLawReview65 (1992): 1321-32. Whatexactly were these texts doing? Scholarshavelongnotedthatlanguageandpoliticsareinseparable. Severalscholarshave arguedthat 69. Pornographyand Representation, p. xviii. 70. See for examplesSir 23:22-26, 26:10-12, 41:22, 42:9-10. Campsees 26:10-12 as a Patriarchy: Womenin SecondCentury (ClaudiaV. Camp,"Understanding "pornographic" Like This':New Perspectiveson Jewish JerusalemThroughthe Eyes of Ben Sira,"in 'Women Womenin the Greco-RomanWorld,ed.

77. Hencealso the troublethatthe rabbis,like othermen in antiquity,hadin legislatingand regulatingwomen who had no male guardians,such as widows. See JudithRomneyWegner, Chattelor Person? TheStatusof Womenin theMishnah(New York:OxfordUniversityPress, 1988),esp. pp. 114-144. 78. My thanksto a refereefor encouragingme to clarifymy argumentat this point. 296 MICHAEL L. By writing"pornography," not necessarilyconscious,level), to reinforceand perpetuatethatsystem of genderrelationshipswith whichthey were comfortable.

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