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By Jerome Preisler, Kenneth Sewell

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40 years in the past, in may possibly 1968, the submarine USS Scorpion sank in mysterious situations with a lack of ninety-nine lives. The tragedy happened through the peak of the chilly warfare among the USA and the Soviet Union, and it by means of purely weeks the sinking of a Soviet sub close to Hawaii. Now in All fingers Down, drawing on countless numbers of hours of interviews, many with specific assets within the naval and intelligence groups, in addition to lately declassified usa and Soviet intelligence documents, Kenneth Sewell and Jerome Preisler clarify what quite occurred to Scorpion.

In January 1968, a U.S. intelligence send, USS Pueblo, was once seized by way of North Korea. between different goods, the North Koreans confiscated a helpful cryptographic unit that was once able to interpreting the Navy's top-secret codes. Unknown to the military, a traitor named John Walker had began offering the Navy's codes to the KGB. as soon as the KGB obtained the crypto unit from the North Koreans, the Russians have been in a position to learn hugely categorized naval communications.

In March, a Soviet sub, K-129, mysteriously sank close to Hawaii, enormous quantities of miles from its basic station within the Pacific. Soviet naval leaders mistakenly believed U.S. submarine used to be in charge for the loss, and so they deliberate revenge. A seize was once set: a number of Soviet vessels have been accumulated within the Atlantic, performing suspiciously. it might be just a topic of time prior to a U.S. sub used to be despatched to enquire. That sub was once Scorpion. utilizing the top-secret codes and the decoding computing device, the Soviets might intercept and decode conversation among the army and Scorpion, the ultimate point in accomplishing the deliberate attack.

All fingers Down indicates how the Soviet plan was once accomplished and explains why the reality of the assault has been formally denied for 40 years. Sewell and Preisler debunk a number of reliable causes for the tragedy and produce to lifestyles the private tales of a few of the lads who have been misplaced while Scorpion went to the ground. This real tale, ultimately advised after exhaustive examine, is extra interesting than any novel.

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