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By Nevin B. Scrimshaw, James Vogel (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1489967877

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ISBN-13: 9781489967893

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Hmmm ... still a syntax error in Line 40. Once again, type LIST 40 on a new line and hit [RETURN]. 89 should really be a comma. Bring your cursor up and over, type in a comma, and hit [RETURN]. RUN the program again. Now does it work? Yes? Good! No? Keep trying. Are all your syntax errors corrected? If not, go back and list each line that has an error and try to find the problem. Does your program run but give you only one brief sound? That could happen for many reasons. Try this: On a new line, type LIST -100 and [RETURN].

Keep score. The main logic unit ties together all six parts of the program, so we'll analyze it before describing the subroutines. Don't try to follow each step; the point is to get a feel for what lies behind the BASIC instructions. You will probably return to this chapter several times as you begin to learn more and wish to use some of the ideas in other programs. THE MAIN LOGIC UNIT The first step specifies what the program has to do. In English: Line 150 clears the screen. Line 160 randomly chooses a letter of the alphabet and places it at a random place on the screen.

Define sprite shape. Set sprite coordinates. Set memory pointers. And here's the program that does the job: 999 REM *** 1000 FOR M SQUAREFISH TANK *** = 2040 TO 2042 : POKE M, 13 : NEXT 1010 FOR W = 832 TO 832+62 : POKE W,255 : NEXT 1020 V = 53248 : POKE V + 21,255 1030 FOR J = 39 TO 46 : POKE V + J,J - 38 : NEXT 1040 FOR H = 0 TO 14 STEP 2 : GOSUB 1200 1050 POKE V+H,X: POKE V+H+l,Y: NEXT: GOTO 1000 36 1200 X = INT(RND(0)*250+3) : Y = INT(RND(0)*140+50) : RETURN To clear the screen and turn the background black (to better show off the colors of our sprites), add: 10 REM *** INITIALIZATION *** 20 PRINT" ~ " : REM *** CLEAR SCREEN 30 POKE 53281,0 Go ahead and RUN this program.

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