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By David Moody

A bastard hybrid of battle of the Worlds and evening of the dwelling lifeless, Autumn chronicles the fight of a small crew of survivors pressured to deal with an international torn aside by way of an outbreak. After ninety nine% of the inhabitants of the planet is killed in under 24 hours, for the only a few who've controlled to stick alive, issues are approximately to get a lot worse. lively through "phase two" of a few unknown contagion, the lifeless start to upward push. firstly sluggish, blind, dumb and lumbering, fast the our bodies regain their most elementary senses and abilities... sight, listening to, locomotion... in addition to the intuition towards aggression and violence. Held again purely through the restraints in their swiftly decomposing flesh, the lifeless appear to have just one unmarried aim - to lumber forth and smash the only last charm within the silent, dead international: those that have survived the plague, who now locate themselves outnumbered a million to 1...

Without ever utilizing the 'Z' notice, Autumn bargains a brand new standpoint at the conventional zombie tale. There's no flesh consuming, no fast-moving corpses, no gore for gore's sake. Combining the ambience and tone of George Romero's vintage dwelling lifeless motion pictures with the perspective and information of 28 Days (and Weeks) later, this frightening and suspenseful novel is full of relentless chilly, darkish worry.

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One minute there was the usual music and talking, the next nothing but silence. Not even static. Just silence. I tried to tune in to a couple of other stations but I couldn’t get anything. Like an idiot I kept driving and trying to sort out the radio at the same time. I only had one eye on the road, and the sun kept flashing through the tops of the trees. The sky was clear and blue and the morning sun was huge and blinding. I wanted to get back home so I kept my foot down. I didn’t see the bend in the road until I was half way round and I didn’t see the other car until it was almost too late.

Didn’t matter what went wrong or when, he always got us out. He knew the maintenance contract better than I did. I was six miles short of Northwich when I first realised that something was wrong. I’d stopped at the services to get a cup of coffee and something to eat and I was just coming off the motorway when the radio started playing up. Nothing unusual about that - the electric’s in the van had a mind of their own - but this was different. One minute there was the usual music and talking, the next nothing but silence.

He knew that Emma couldn’t answer, but it helped just to have asked. She shrugged her shoulders. ’ ‘But how could it have killed so many people? ’ ‘Don’t know,’ she said again. ‘Christ, I watched thirty kids die in just a couple of minutes, how on earth could anything…’ She was staring at him. He stopped talking. ‘Sorry,’ he mumbled. ‘It’s okay,’ she sighed. Another awkward, pregnant pause followed. ’ Michael eventually asked. Emma nodded. ’ ‘I’m freezing. I tell you there are holes in the walls of this place.

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