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By Louis S. Kornicker

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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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178 salisis reportedherefor the first time. Broodingwas (in part). observedin an intertidalpopulationat PuertoMadryn notialis;Fauchald,1982b,p. 26, fig. (43øS,Argentine Patagonia) during1975. --Hartmann-Schr'6der, 1986,p. 80. juveniles(Plate3, fig. d) werefoundin a singletube. ;Hartman,1967a,p. 89 (ELT*/732). Material examined. ELT*/732 (1), ELTA6/419 bag. The juveniles in each tube are very homogeneousin size. At that (13), ELTA22/1536 (1), ORCA575/36 (4), stagethey are still abranchiate; ventralcird are cirPlate4.

Juv. 5 T T/B T T T/B T T T T T T T T T/B T/B T/B T/B T/B T T T T T T T T 4 Comments OnuphisleptasensuAverincev Holotype Paratype Paratype Paratype Paratype T T T T T/B T/B T T T/B T B, bidentate;T, tridentate. * Onehookbeingformedin chaetasac. gentina), intertidal sand flats (5). Puerto Madryn (Golfo Nuevo, Argentina)and SanRomfin(Golfo San Jos6,Argentina),intertidalsandybeaches;numerous specimensfrom quantitativesurveys,observedfixed and alive over the whole year (November 1974-November 1975).

Modifiedparapodianot speciallyenlarged,diAv SD Range rexted slightly anteroventrally(Plate 6, figs. a, b). 46 3-4 Medianceratophore cal, with a toughinner elasticlining coveredwith a Rightmidlateral thick mudlayer. 59 4-6 The lengthof theceratophores relativeto thatof the prostomiumis highly variable and might dependon the fixation conditions. The lateral ceratophores are usually as long as the prostomiumor slightly longer but maybe shorterin somespecimens. Kucheruk[1978] consideredP. armandi (Mcintosh), P.

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