Body Size: The Structure and Function of Aquatic Ecosystems by Alan G. Hildrew, David G. Raffaelli, Ronni Edmonds-Brown PDF

By Alan G. Hildrew, David G. Raffaelli, Ronni Edmonds-Brown

ISBN-10: 0521679672

ISBN-13: 9780521679671

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Ecologists have lengthy struggled to foretell beneficial properties of ecological structures, akin to the numbers and variety of organisms. the wide variety of physique sizes in ecological groups, from tiny microbes to giant animals and vegetation, is rising because the key to prediction. in keeping with the connection among physique dimension and lines reminiscent of organic charges, the physics of water and the volume of habitat on hand, we are able to comprehend styles of abundance and variety, biogeography, interactions in foodstuff webs and the impression of fishing, including as much as a possible 'periodic desk' for ecology. striking development at the unravelling, describing and modelling of aquatic nutrition webs, revealing the elemental function of physique dimension, makes a booklet emphasising marine and freshwater ecosystems really apt. right here, the significance of physique dimension is tested at a number scales that would be of curiosity to specialist ecologists, from scholars to senior researchers.

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A) redrawn from Grant, Emerson & Shumway (1993), (b) and (c) redrawn from Turner (2000). engineers. , 2002; Lindegarth, Jonsson & Andre´, 2002; Wotton, Malmqvist & Leonardsson, 2003; Pratt, 2004). Benthic suspension feeders can also take advantage of some of the hydrodynamic peculiarities of the fluid–solid interfaces at which they live. Being attached to a solid surface reduces the energy required to maintain position in the flow, and thus the animals can take greater energetic advantage of the water passing over or through feeding structures.

Feeders. 18, where W is mass in kg, with an exponent not significantly different from unity. 984. 4 Â 10À5, for the maximum plastic bead diameter ingested by the copepod Acartia tonsa (Fig. 3). 0397; Humphries, unpublished), but are valid only for one species with a small size range. , 1993). Mechanisms for this pattern in ‘traditional’ predators are thought to relate to the ability to switch to small prey when larger prey is unavailable, which becomes less feasible as predator size decreases. However, when considering suspension feeders a physical basis for the pattern can be proposed.

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