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F 40 grams for 10 packages G 300 miles in 6 hours H 55 books in 1 year 3 J $350 for 2 cameras Which symbol makes this sentence true? 3 yards □ 9 feet C + B > D = 7 The pitcher can hold 16 cups. How many quarts can the pitcher hold? A 2 4 F 5 × 5,280 = 26,400 C 6 D 8 G 5 × 12 = 60 Which symbol makes this sentence true? H 2+3=5 2 pounds □ 40 ounces J 5 × 100 = 500 52 B 4 Dandre rode his bike 2 miles to Kameron’s house. Together they rode another 3 miles to the park. Which sentence shows how many feet Dandre traveled to get to the park?

30 ART Claus mixed the paint shown to make a shade of gray. How many gallons of gray paint did Claus make? 31 PETS Vincent feeds his dog one cup of dog food in the morning and one cup of dog food in the evening. How many ounces of food will Vincent’s dog eat in 14 days? 30 Chapter 1 How Measurements Are Made Mark Ransom/RansomStudios 16 pints 8 pints Vocabulary Check sentence. 32 Write the vocabulary word that completes each A(n) to estimate or reference. is an object or number used as a guide is a measurement that tells how heavy or 33 light an object is.

Camille’s family drank more milk on average per week. YOUR TURN! The table shows practice times for three runners on the track team. Who is the fastest runner? 1. Find the unit rate for each runner. Consider that 60 minutes is equal to 1 hour. Convert all rates to laps per hour. Jake Number of Laps 10 Number of Minutes 15 Ginny 22 60 Siva 5 10 Runner _ Jake: 15 minutes × 4 = 60 minutes 10 laps × 4 = laps per hour _ Copyright © by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Ginny: 60 minutes = 1 hour 22 laps per hour Siva: 10 minutes × 6 = 60 minutes 5 laps × 6 = laps per hour 2.

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