Conservation Biogeography by Richard Ladle, Robert J. Whittaker PDF

By Richard Ladle, Robert J. Whittaker

ISBN-10: 1444335030

ISBN-13: 9781444335033

Курс посвящен изложению теоретических основ гидрохимических, гидрохимических, атмохимических и биогеохимических методов поисков месторождений полезных ископаемых, методике и технике геохимических съемок различной детальности при поисках и разведке рудных месторождений и месторождений углеводородного сырья. В курсе характеризуются параметры геохимического поля и его локальных аномалий, рассматриваются принципы количественной интерпретации геохимических данных и оценки прогнозных ресурсов соответствующих категорий в увязке с этапами и стадиями геологоразведочного процесса. Некоторые разделы курса (принципы построения геолого-геохимических моделей рудных объектов различных иерархических уровней, сведения о современных аналитических методах и аппаратуре, применяемых при геохимических поисках, и др.) не рассматриваются в связи с краткостью изложения. Для студентов, магистрантов и аспирантов геологических вузов по специальности «Геохимия, геохимические методы поисков полезных ископаемых».

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Category 1b Wilderness area Usually large unmodified or slightly modified areas, retaining their natural character and influence without permanent or significant human habitation, which are protected and managed so as to preserve their natural condition. Category 2 National park Large natural or near-natural areas set aside to protect large-scale ecological processes, along with the complement of species and ecosystems characteristic of the area, which also provide a foundation for environmentally and culturally compatible spiritual, scientific, educational, recreational and visitor opportunities.

2006). In a less high profile, but no less ambitious project, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the American Prairie Foundation are buying up properties in north central Montana that they eventually hope to combine with adjacent public lands to provide a habitat for nearly the entire suite of Pleistocene North American grassland species (Dinerstein & Irvin, 2005). Rewilding also raises a number of scientific, practical and social concerns that are yet to be fully resolved. 3). , 2005). Third, the poor record of reintroductions, especially of carnivores, suggests that the success of more ambitious rewilding projects is by no means assured.

Original protected area type Equivalent IUCN (1994) category Places evoking wilderness should be preserved as benchmarks to assess urban/industrial modernity and for spiritual, aesthetic and physical exploration and rejuvenation Wilderness area Ib Humanity has a moral responsibility to ensure that its actions do not knowingly cause the extinction of species Wildlife sanctuary/ refuge IV Aesthetic and intellectual contemplation of nature is integral to the cultural and scientific inheritance of many peoples and monuments of nature should be protected Naturdenkmal/ nature monument III Benchmark/representative sites are required for the study of natural systems Nature reserve Ia Access to nature and countryside is necessary for the health and well-being of urban-dwellers Urban/country/ state park Not included, but see National Park Natural resources should be managed to support livelihoods of settlers/local people; natural resources should be managed for the greatest good for the greatest number in the long run Forest reserves & game reserves VI Healthy ecosystems are necessary to safeguard economic growth, high-quality livelihoods and social stability Watershed protection forest Not included, but see National park Places that symbolize the above conservation values and their associated social practices can help create or reassert national identities National park III Sensitive management of cultural landscapes evoking beauty and heritage will bring cultural, economic, and conservation benefits Landscape protection area (various national terms) V Conservation values 26 Social values and conservation biogeography 2.

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