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Conservation legislation. Physics textbook. comprises bankruptcy 1 - Conservation of power, bankruptcy 2 - Simplifying the power Zoo, bankruptcy three - paintings: The move of Mechanical power, bankruptcy four - Conservation of Momentum, bankruptcy five - Conservation of Angular Momentum, recommendations to chose difficulties, and thesaurus.

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The equation W = |F| |d| cos θ is an example of a sort of multiplication of vectors that is useful. The result is a scalar, not a vector, and this is therefore often referred to as the scalar product of the vectors F and d.

Since the component perpendicular to the motion does no work, the work done by the force must be W = F|| |d| , [work done by a constant force] where the vector d is simply a less cumbersome version of the notation ∆r. This result can be rewritten via trigonometry as W = |F| |d| cos θ . [work done by a constant force] Even though this equation has vectors in it, it depends only on their magnitudes, and the magnitude of a vector is a scalar. Work is therefore still a scalar quantity, which only makes sense if it is defined as the transfer of energy.

At what speed, in m/s, does it hit the ground? 6. A person on a bicycle is to coast down a ramp of height h and then pass through a circular loop of radius r. What is the smallest value of h for which the cyclist will complete the loop without falling? ) 7 S. A skateboarder starts at nearly rest at the top of a giant cylinder, and begins rolling down its side. ) Show that her board loses contact with the pipe after she has dropped by a height equal to one third the radius of the pipe. 8 . (a) A circular hoop of mass m and radius r spins like a wheel while its center remains at rest.

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