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Next, the aim-inhibited bonds are of two types: (1) each group member has a relationship of identification with each other member which is grounded In the far more profound feeling they have for a common leader; and (2) each member has substituted the leader for his ego ideal. The first bond, Freud says, is at the level of the ego: a person consciously feels friendly toward other people who are in his group. [58] This bond with the leader is the determining factor in group consciousness for Freud.

The import of Freud's construction is crucial, however, to the whole edifice of psychoanalytic theory, for it seeks to preserve psychoanalysis as a theory of the individual. The hero is able to attain to "individual psychology" only because he internalizes his father at a deep enough level; he creates an ego-ideal" in himself. Hence the mechanism 35 Freud's Concept of the Family for reproducing individuals--those who are free, who can think, who can restrain their emotions, who can be distinctive-is the key to history.

The mob psychology of LeBon and Tardé was well suited to defend elitist liberals against the flood of workers demanding a share of political power, and, at the time Freud wrote Group Psychology in I920, against radical socialist movements. html (23 of 31) [11/12/2007 23:08:27] Critical Theory of the Family - Chapter One understood that such action has been carried out often by quite respectable artisans, shopkeepers and workers with deliberate, clear goals in mind. For Freud, on the contrary, the group represents a loss of independence, rationality and discipline for the individual.

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