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Emotion drives all cognitive procedures, mostly picking out their qualitative consider, their constitution, and partially even their content material. Action-initiating facilities deep within the emotional mind flooring our realizing of the realm by way of permitting us to visualize how lets act relative to it, in keeping with endogenous motivations to have interaction sure degrees of power and complexity. hence knowing character, cognition, cognizance and motion calls for analyzing the workings of dynamical platforms utilized to emotional techniques in dwelling organisms. If an object's that means depends upon its motion affordances, then figuring out intentionality in emotion or cognition calls for exploring why emotion is the bridge among motion and representational methods equivalent to proposal or imagery; and this calls for integrating phenomenology with neurophysiology. The ensuing standpoint, "enactivism," includes particular new predictions, and means that feelings are in regards to the self-initiated activities of dynamical structures, no longer reactive "responses" to exterior occasions; recognition is extra approximately stimulated anticipation than response to inputs. (Series A)

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Before pain achieves a conscious status, we have already initiated actions to deal with it. Many might try to write off this preconscious intentionality as a kind of pseudo-intentionality, since it might be explainable as a merely mechanical and meaningless causal response. But we cannot escape the fact that, when I feel afraid of a snake, before I realize cognitively that what has been presented is a snake or even a threatening object, and before the object is even visually processed, the emotion is already taking actions to avoid the snake, very similar to the actions that will be continued even after the image of the snake has become conscious.

The important point is that removing cognition from emotion does not leave mere interoceptive sensation. If emotion were merely interoceptive sensation plus cognition, then the “what it’s like” content or qualia of emotions would be fully given in interoception. What is missing in such accounts, as Watt (2000) points out, is precisely the valence that emotions attribute to a given situation, which again is seldom reducible to the mere interoception and proprioception of pain stimuli coming from the viscera or other parts of the body.

This point remains applicable even in the aesthetic experience of artworks. In fact, the aims served by the experience of art are especially revealing about the relation between emotions and their intentional objects, because in the experience of art we are forced to take seriously the ambiguity of object affordances in terms of our emotional use of them, many of which are preconscious until we explicate them with the help of the perceptual object. To further clarify this distinction between conscious and preconscious intentionality will be the central focus of the first chapter.

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