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By Spencer Quinn

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Chet and Bernie examine the disappearance of Madison, a teenage lady who may well or would possibly not were abducted, yet who has certainly gotten combined up with a few very unsavory characters.

summary: Chet and Bernie examine the disappearance of Madison, a teenage woman who may possibly or won't were abducted, yet who has certainly gotten combined up with a few very unsavory characters

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But I’m trying to tell you she’s really not missing,” Bernie said. “She could walk in any moment, like the last time. And when she does, my advice would be that the three of you—you, Damon, and Madison—sit down together and—” Cynthia only cried harder. ” “Oh no. No, no, no,” said Bernie. ” I could tell he wanted to be out of there. Me, too. “I’ll need those same things we talked about before—names and numbers of all her friends, anyone else important in her life. ” Cynthia dabbed at her eyes.

I looked down. Bernie was no longer running, no longer moving at all; he stood on the trail, hands on his hips, chest heaving. “Come on. ” That was it? The getting-in-shape run was over? At that moment, just when the fun was ending, I spotted the javelina, a big fat one, so close. And then I was charging, flat out, the wind whipping by. —and made a quick little sideways movement. indd 37 15/12/08 2:06:32 PM Ow. I ran right into one of those skinny cactuses, the kind with the needles. Back in the kitchen, Bernie removed the needles with tweezers, one by one, starting with my nose.

Strong air currents blew all around me. indd 27 15/12/08 2:06:31 PM four takeouts: I’ve sat through a million. Okay, possibly not a million. Truth is, I’m not too sure about a million, what it means, exactly—or any other number, for that matter—but I get the drift from Bernie. A million means a lot, like “out the yingyang,” another favorite number of Bernie’s, maybe even bigger. “This is exciting,” Suzie said. We sat there, me, Bernie, Suzie Sanchez. We had a pickup we used for stakeouts, old, black, inconspicuous.

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