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By Matthias Ruth, James Lindholm, E.A. Norse

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The oceans are shrinking. they don't seem to be actually shrinking; warming within the final century has really improved the ocean sufficient to threaten low-lying coastal lands which are vul­ nerable to hurricane surge. throughout the comparable period, notwithstanding, occasions on land have more and more affected the ocean. because in such a lot methods the Earth is a closed system-a zero-sum planet in modern day parlance-as terrestrial impact at the sea expands, the sea's effect by itself techniques shrinks. regulate of many the most important marine tactics now not is living in the sea. The facts for this can be considerable and, to somebody who's taking a look, unmis­ takable. In fresh a long time scientists have witnessed extraordinary pertur­ bations and raises in formerly unusual occasions that show starting to be terrestrial affects at the sea. a number of marine species, from sea urchins to monk seals, have skilled devastating epidemics. The variety of destructive algal blooms and jellyfishpopulation explosions is emerging An hypoxic "dead sector" within the Gulf of Mexico off the mouth of the Mississippi Rivernow seems to be every year and grows to surround a space as huge as NewJersey. dwell coral disguise in shallow reefs in Florida,Jamaica, the Maldives and plenty of different destinations has seriously declined. Deepwater reef­ construction corals, as soon as greatly disbursed, have disappeared all through a lot in their levels. Researchers have chanced on excessive concentrations of persis­ tent natural pollution in declining populations of beluga whales and polar bears, either excessive trophic point predators in marine meals webs.

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The feature we will use is called a graphical junction. To use a graph to delineate the extended relation between REPRODUCTION RATE and WHALES, we click on Become Graph . 9 28 2. 20, to represent a change in the birth rate when the population is between 0 and 600. Here we are using arbitrary numbers for a made-up model. Finally, use the mouse arrow to draw a curve from the maximum birth rate and population of 2 to the point of zero birth rate and population of 600. For population sizes of 600 and above, the birth rate is zero.

3. STELLA's Numeric Solution Techniques This section provides a brief description of, and basic mathematical background information on, the numeric techniques available in STELLA to solve the equations that define a model. Knowing about these techniques will be important in understanding how the computer arrives at model results, the accuracy of your results, and methods to improve accuracy. 3. STELLA's Numeric Solution Techniques 33 step . Generally , if X(t) is the stock in time period t, F(t, Xtt), -) are net flows that depend on time, the size of the stock X(t) itself and possibly other parameters in the model (denoted by .

For example, find published data on humpback whale reproduction rates, densities, and density changes through time. Complicate your model only when your results do not match the available data with sufficient accuracy, or when your model does not yet include all the features of the real system that you wish to capture. For example, we know that humpback whale populations, like many other marine animals, are subject to mortality due to a range of natural and anthropogenic causes . What are the whale population dynamics if you specify a constant mortality rate of 3% per annum?

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