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By Ye Yan, Xu Huang, Yueneng Yang

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This ebook develops a dynamical version of the orbital movement of Lorentz spacecraft in either unperturbed and J2-perturbed environments. It explicitly discusses 3 different types of usual area missions concerning relative orbital regulate: spacecraft soaring, rendezvous, and formation flying. for that reason, it places ahead designs for either open-loop and closed-loop keep watch over schemes propelled or augmented by way of the geomagnetic Lorentz strength. those regulate schemes are totally novel and characterize a considerably departure from prior approaches.

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Therefore, by incorporating the Lorentz acceleration into the dynamical model of relative orbital motion, the nonlinearity and coupling of system dynamics have been greatly increased. In view of this fact, it is necessary to design new relative navigation algorithms for Lorentz-augmented relative orbital motion. By using the dynamical model developed in the last chapter and the line of sight (LOS) and gyro measurement models, this chapter proposed both EKF and UKF algorithms specially for Lorentz spacecraft.

Since the reference orbit is circular, the linearized equations of Lorentz spacecraft relative motion have been given in Eq. 37). To linearize the Lorentz acceleration and thereafter derive approximate analytical solutions to Eq. 37), following assumptions are proposed: (1) the relative coordinates between spacecraft are negligibly small as compared to the orbital radius of the target, that is, jxj; jyj; jzj ( RT ; (2) the relative velocity between spacecraft are negligibly small as compared to the orbital translational velocity of the target, that is, j_xj; j_yj; j_zj ( u_ T RT [9]; (3) except for the Lorentz acceleration, the control acceleration and other perturbations are neglected, that is, aC ¼ 0.

Notably, numerical simulation results indicate that J2 perturbation, one of the most dominant disturbances in LEOs, should be taken into account when analyzing the long-term Lorentz-augmented relative orbital motion. References 1. Finlay CC, Maus S, Beggan CD et al (2010) International geomagnetic reference field: the eleventh generation. Geophys J Int 183:1216–1230 2. Wang X, Wang B, Li H (2012) An autonomous navigation scheme based on geomagnetic and starlight for small satellites. Acta Astronaut 81:40–50 3.

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