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By L. L. Butcher, N. J. Woolf (auth.), Israel Hanin Ph.D. (eds.)

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Our present hypothesis is that there are multiple agonist affinity states for each of the muscarinic receptor SUbtypes (22). Pirenzepine (Gastrozepin, LS 519), is a tricyclic compound which possesses selective antimuscarinic properties (4, 7, 9-12, 17, 26-33). It is clinically useful in the treatment of gastric ulcer disease and produces a significantly lowered incidence of typical antimuscarinic side effects (13). Although the high affinity site with which pirenzepine interacts to inhibit gastric acid secretion is not known, its hydrophilic nature allows only minimal penetration through the blood-brain-barrier, thus suggesting a peripheral site of action.

24). P. L. McGEER ET AL. 16 The only structures reported as positive but not included· in Figure 1 are the ventromedial cells of the medial habenula (24), the small interneurons of the sensory cortex (16, 24, 25) and the hippocampal interneurons mentioned by Matthews et al. (48). McGeer et al. (44) and Hattori et al. (23) had noted positive cortical and medial habenula neurons but uncertainty about distinguishing between cholinergic and intensely cholinoceptive neurons was raised by the results obtained following improvements in the methods of fixation (32, 33).

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