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The main motive of the army was to identify people who would later succumb to shell shock, viewing these individuals as psychologically weak (Benjamin, 2007). This test was called the Woodworth Personal Data Sheet and was the first questionnaire designed to measure abnormal personality (DuBois, 1970). It was technically a flawed test; it straightforwardly asked about abnormal behaviors and experiences and thus was easy to fake. The test, published in 1919, had not been used widely before the war ended, but it was a beginning in the assessment of abnormal personality and emotions.

For instance, one symptom was paralysis of her arm. She realized that the symptom first appeared when she was sleeping during a time that she was supposed to be nursing her dying father. While asleep, she had a dream that a large, black snake was moving toward her father. She was unable to move her arm to shoo the snake away. When she awoke, her arm was paralyzed. When Anna remembered the origin of the paralysis and described it to Breuer, the paralysis went away. Whenever Anna would describe these episodes that led to symptoms, she was highly emotional.

12 INTRODUCTION: HISTORY OF EMOTION depressed persons, were released on the London streets wearing badges that indicated they were allowed to beg and were called “Toms of Bedlam” (Hothersall, 2004). In 1770, the first institution in the United States that focused exclusively on treating the insane was established by request of the British governor: the Virginia House of Burgesses. Inmates in this asylum received similar treatment to those in Europe: chaining, beating, poor nutrition, and so forth.

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