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Also Lacan's specific critique of Ernest Jones's famous article on symbolism Oones, 1916; Ecrits (1959)), which he criticised for its definition of language in terms of an increasing mastery or appropriation of reality, and for failing to see, therefore, the structure of metaphor (or substitution) which lies at the root of, and is endlessly repeated within, subjectivity in its relation to the unconscious. It is in this sense also that Lacan's emphasis on language should be differentiated from what he defined as 'culturalism', that is, from any conception oflanguage as a social phenomenon which does not take into account its fundamental instability (language as constantly placing, and displacing, the subject).

In addition, I would only like to emphasize that we must keep psychoana1ysis separate from biology just as we have kept it separate from anatomy and physiology . . (Freud, 1935, 1971, p. 9) ... 22 Feminine Sexuality However, there were those opponents ofFreud's position who did not want to lean too heavily or too explicitly on a biological explanation of sexual difference; instead they stressed the significance of the psychological mechanism of identification with its dependence on an object. In both Freud's account and those of these object-relations theorists, after the resolution of the Oedipus complex, each child hopefully identifies with the parent of the appropriate sex.

1. See Note 4, p. 37 below. 30 Feminine Sexuality I The link between sexuality and the unconscious is one that was constantly stressed by Lacan: 'we should not overlook the fact that sexuality is crucially underlined by Freud as being strictly consubstantial to the dimension of the unconscious' (SXI, p. 133, p. 146). Other accounts, such as that of Ernest Jones, described the acquisition of sexual identity in terms of ego development and/or the maturation of the drives. Lacan considered that each of these concepts rests on the myth of a subjective cohesion which the concept of the unconscious properly subverts.

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