Philippe Sebert, D.W. Onyango, B.G. Kapoor's Fish Life in Special Environments PDF

By Philippe Sebert, D.W. Onyango, B.G. Kapoor

ISBN-10: 1578083877

ISBN-13: 9781578083879

Residing organisms are endowed with inventive adaptive mechanisms to deal with the adversities of specific environments. a result of immense variety in their habitats, fish make a very good version to depict the interaction of morphological, physiological and biochemical features, and are usually used to review adaptive tactics to a brand new atmosphere. The booklet covers fish in varied environmental stipulations akin to alkaline environments, caves, Antarctic, ice chilly lakes, tropical coral reefs, and deep waters. The chapters additionally talk about mitochondrial features within the chilly, circadian rhythms, endocrinology of migratory fish lifestyles cycle and fish muscle functionality. the themes were chosen with the intention to current a window to an array of variations of aquatic population which allow them to subsist and live on within the unusual, and sometimes antagonistic, exterior setting

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