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By Ingrid N. Haugen, Anna S. Nilsen

ISBN-10: 1617619183

ISBN-13: 9781617619182

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More speculatively, an attempt is being made to develop a new representation of game theory that encompasses both classical and quantum games [95,96]. These models have generally only been taken up by a single author, or group of authors, so their impact on the field is limited at this stage. 2. Quantum Correlation Games In an attempt to circumvent some of the objections to quantum games [97, 98] (see Sec. ) an attempt has been made to develop models of quantum games taking Einstein-PodolskyRosen type experiments [20] with particle spins as their underlying basis [99–103].

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Game Theory: Strategies, Equilibria, and Theorems by Ingrid N. Haugen, Anna S. Nilsen

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