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Its lithology differs sharply both vertically and laterally. The Ogallala is a heterogeneous complex of predominantly clastic deposits. Its texture ranges from very coarse gravel and pebbles to clay, and the sorting from good to poor. There is virtually no distinctive bed that can be traced an appreciable distance in the field. This water-bearing unit is essentially an unconfined aquifer. Confining conditions occur locally in the area. The degree of con­ finement generally is governed by the areal extent of the impermeable units.

Ft. WICHITA Figure 6. LANE Errors in calculated 1972 water levels. <+4 YUKLER fcrx. ft/day GREELEY WALLACE | AMOUNT OF ERRORS MADE IN HYDRAULIC CONDUCTIVITIES |4-io WICHITA JSCQT\ LANE Figure 7. Errors in hydraulic conductivity, K, values, 1972. Greeley County. The deposits in this area consist of medium to coarse sand and gravels (Prescott, Branch, and Wilson, 1954); thus, have high conductivity. These results also are supported by the groundwater chemical quality data (Hathaway and others, 1975) (Fig.

The latter become the input data for the open system. RANVEC was programmed (Skala, 1977) in accordance with the procedure proposed by Shreider (1964). The MxN-matrix (GEG) of the input data for the closed array is determined by dividing the data of the open array by their corresponding row sums. The value, MYSUM, is computed independently from uniformly distributed random numbers and is inter­ preted as the sum of the random mean values. In addition, another sum, EIGSUM, is computed from quadratically distributed random num­ bers.

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