A. Peter Klimley, David G. Ainley's Great White Sharks. The Biology of Carcharodon Carcharias PDF

By A. Peter Klimley, David G. Ainley

ISBN-10: 0124150314

ISBN-13: 9780124150317

Now to be had in paperback, the 1st entire reference on nice White sharks separates truth from fiction and offers actual proof of the ecology and behaviour of those awesome animals. the amount starts off with the evolution of the white shark and its family members and keeps with sections on its anatomy, habit, ecology, distribution, inhabitants dynamics, and interactions with people. integrated within the quantity are many illustrations, maps, diagrams, graphs and images.

Key Features
* Covers all organic elements of serious White sharks
* contains contributions from a global staff of top authorities
* seriously illustrated with maps, diagrams, graphs, and images

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Carcharias, two species of Isurus (/. oxyrinchus and /. paucus), L. nasus, and two outgroups, Heterodontus francisci (Heterodontiformes) and Galeocerdo cuvier (Carcharhiniformes; GenBank accession numbers L08031 and L08036-L08038). In addition, cytochrome b gene sequences for members of the genera Carcharhinus, Ne^aprion, Sphyrna, and Galeocerdo were also used to calibrate a molecular clock (see Martin and Palumbi, 1993). The cytochrome b gene is encoded by the mitochondrial genome. Lack of recombination of the mitochondrial genome provides biologists with a superb marker of phylogenetic relationships (Avise, 1994).

Although an appealing idea, it is invalidated by a detailed morphological analysis of the teeth. Besides the presence of a II instead of a I in /. hastalis and /. escheri, the tooth morphology of the lower anteriors eliminates these two species from being a direct ancestor of C. carcharias. Hence, the progenitor of the white shark, C. carcharias, must be sought within the genus Carcharodon, as we have portrayed here. A Possible Carcharodon Phytogeny We present a schematic fossil record of what we consider to be all of the valid representatives within the family Carcharodontidae (Fig.

14 to note the several possible pathways of descent. We feel that, for all intended purposes, C. appendiculata is the best possible ancestral form within the family Cretoxyrhinidae, due to its remarkable similarity to the Paleocene C. orientalis, the oldest taxon recorded in the genus (cf. Figs. 5 and 7). The ideas and paleontologic information presented in Fig. 14 reflect not only the present state of paleontological research, as we see it, but also the Cenozoic fossil record rich in ''Carcharodon" teeth.

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