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Wren had just taken a slurp of chocolate. Anchorage's supplies of chocolate had run out years ago, and she had forgotten how good it tasted, but when Gargle asked for her help she almost choked on it. " she spluttered. " "I wouldn't ask you to become one," said Gargle. "But your father's a clever man. Friendly with the margravine, from what I remember. I bet you could find out from him where the book we want might be. Just find it and tell me, and I'll send Remora in to do the rest. " Wren had been about to refuse, but the fact that she had never heard of the book he named made her hesitate.

Wistfully, Hester remembered the little laughing girl that Wren had once been, playing splish-splash on the lakeshore or snuggling on Hester's lap while Hester sang to her. As Wren had looked lovingly up at her and run her chubby fingers over the old scar that split Hester's face in half, Hester had thought that here at last was someone who could love her for what she was, and not care what she looked like. Because although Tom always said he didn't care, Hester had never shaken off the faint fear that he must, deep down, want someone prettier than her.

It's thanks to him we found this place, you know. " "Oh, I know that story," said Wren. "Anyway, it's not Caul I was wondering about. I was thinking of the others, back in Grimsby. " Tom shook his head. "Their leader, Uncle, was a nasty bit of work. He made them do bad things. But I think the Lost Boys themselves were a mix of good and bad, just like you'd find anywhere. There was a little chap called Gargle, I remember. " "And you met him? " "Oh, only a youngster, as I say," said her father, thinking back to his brief, frightening time with the Lost Boys.

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