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[ 50 ] Chapter 3 It is as simple as the XAML code for cloud simulation. The grid panel provides the black background, while the image shows the fire itself.

Cs file. You can see from the following code that it is derived from the ContentControl class and not from the Button class. It defines two Boolean dependency properties, IsPressed and IsMouseOver, corresponding to the Pressed and MouseOver states. It defines the handlers for the mouse events that set those properties to the correct values. It also has a function, SetVisualState, that is called whenever the IsPressed or IsMouseOver property changes. GoToState(this, stateName, true); } Animating navigation panels Almost any application provides a way to switch (navigate) between different screens.

The layout of the application is very simple, most of the window is occupied by the screen viewer – represented by TransitioningContentControl, while there are navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen; the one on the right – for moving forward, the one on the left – for moving backwards, as is shown in the following screenshot: [ 33 ] Animations in Business Logic Silverlight Applications The forward and backwards buttons call the NavigationVM class' MoveToNext and MoveToPrevious methods, respectively, to change the current screen object.

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