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These different forms of ER are specialized for different functions; RER is the site where integral, lumenal, and secretory proteins are synthesized, whereas SER is the major site of detoxification and lipid synthesis. Protein Synthesis Protein synthesis takes place on ribosomes, which are either located free in the cytoplasm, or attached to membranes of the ER (forming RER). , cytoskeletal proteins) are synthesized by free ribosomes, whereas proteins asso- 3 6 — Holy ciated with membranes (including the plasma membrane) or the lumenal compartments of membrane-bound organelles, as well as proteins destined for secretion, are synthesized by RER.

2001) The Human Genome Issue, Science 291, 1145–1434. (2000) Breakthrough of the Year: Sequenced Genomes, Science 290, 2201–2372. Watson, J. D. and Crick, F. H. C. (1953) Nature 171, 737–738. 2 4 — Hyman Organelle Function —25 2 Structure and Function of Cell Organelles Jon Holy Introduction The myriad biochemical reactions that comprise life processes are too numerous and complex to be carried out entirely by simple diffusion-mediated interactions between enzymes and substrates. Instead, sequences of biochemical reactions must be efficiently organized and integrated with other sets of reactions by the cell.

The quantity of SER within a cell can fluctuate in response to different levels of exposure to toxic compounds. Ca2+ Regulation The ER membrane contains Ca2+-ATPases that actively transport cytoplasmic into the ER lumen. This activity keeps cytoplasmic Ca2+ levels very low, which is necessary to allow Ca2+ to effectively function as a signaling molecule. In electrically excitable cells, depolarization of the plasma membrane promotes influx of Ca2+ from outside the cell; in nonexcitable cells, however, most of the Ca2+ released into the cytoplasm comes from the ER.

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