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FUCHS, A. , Control system test equipment. Part II, Complete test and evaluation systems, Control Engineering, May 1959, p. 126. 8. , Fluid Power Control (Chap. 11), John Wiley, 1960. 9. DAVIS, S. , and LEDGERWOOD, B. , Electromechanical Components for Servomechanisms, McGraw-Hill, 1961. 10. UPSON, A. , and BATCHELOR, J. , Synchro Engineering Handbook, Hutchinson, London, 1966. 1. Requirements To determine the response of a control system, the system must be excited in such a way that the input signal and the output signal can be compared in some formal way.

Linearity error Potentiometers are constructed in two main ways, either by winding a fine wire on an insulating former, or by simply depositing a film of resistance material, such as carbon or metal, on a plastic former. In each case the shape of the plastic former must be accurately fabricated or the wire winding or resistive film will vary in shape, undesirably affecting the resistance per unit length of track. This will introduce a so-called linearity error. In the case of a wire-wound potentiometer, consistency in the resistivity or cross-section of the wire will similarly cause a linearity error, as will uneven spacing between the individual turns of wire.

Typical electro-hydraulic actuation system for mechanical excitation 50 CONTROL SYSTEM PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS grammatically in Fig. 13. Frequencies up to about 50 c/s (Hz) can be utilized fairly readily with hydraulic servos of this sort, providing the amplitude of the output shaft is kept reasonably small. The mechanical force available is determined by the hydraulic system pressure which can be up to the order of 2000 lb/in2 or more with no difficulty, and the area of the actuating pistons which may be about -j to \ in2.

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