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By R. Ansorge, T. Meis, W. Törnig

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The assembly on Iterative answer of Nonlinear structures of Equations, held within the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Federal Republic of Germany, throughout the six days of January thirty first to February fifth 1982, used to be attented by means of 41 mathematicians and engineers from numerous nations. In all twenty 4 lectures got, 13 of that are awarded in those lawsuits.

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For the infinite valued system Loo a very simple axiomatisation is available. e. sound and complete axiomatisation already in the 1930th. The proof of this fact, however, was given only in [92] in 1958. t. H1 ) -+L (Hl -+L H2), ((Hl -+L H2) -+L H2) -+L ((H2 -+L H 1 ) -+L Hl). A correspondingly simple axiomatisation exists for the other extreme case, the three-valued system L3 and was given by WAJSBERG [111]. t. H1 ) -+L H1 ) -+L H 1 . -+L H 3 )), 33 Many-valued logic Because for each set of logically valid sentences of Lm one has the inclusion taut~ ~ taut~ it is quite natural to expect to get an adequate axiomatisation for Lm by extending a suitable axiom system for Loc.

JPm = {V, "'p}. They have as their characteristic matrices 24 the structures (72) This choice of the truth degree functions is the reason that non2 sometimes is called POST negation function. 2 the POST systems are functionally complete. This is, as it seems, the most interesting property they have. The set v P of designated truth degrees is, however, not completely fixed for these systems. The present version v P = {l} is mainly chosen, but alredy POST [87] discussed also other possibilities. This (more or less open situation) is actually not an essential difficulty.

There was always a kind of uniformity in the definition of the systems of one class, there were, however, important differences in the particular approaches. e. from the choice of truth degree sets and truth degree functions constitutive for the particular systems, this is not a problem. , adequate axiomatisations for semantically determined systems. B. R. TURQUETTE in [94] for a wide class of systems S of many-valued logic with finite truth degree sets of the form W S = Wm,m ~ 2. :Js of connectives of S shall contain a binary connective --+, denoting a kind of implication connective, and unary connectives J s for each SEWs, or at least that such connectives are definable from the primitive connectives of the system S.

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