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Défense contre l’incitation au suicide c. Moreau, Tribunal de Grande Instance, Paris, 16th Chamber, 11 Apr. P. G. II [22729], note Lucas-Gallay. See also, J. P. I [3359], § 12; G. Levasseur, ‘Le suicide en droit pénal’ (‘Suicide in criminal law’) in F. , Le suicide (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1994) 121, 125–6. ), Art. 223-6. B. , CA Toulouse, 9 Aug. 1973, (1974) Dalloz 452. ⁶⁷ C. Guillon & Y. Le Bonniec, Suicide, mode d’emploi (Histoire, technique, actualité) (Suicide, how to do it (history, techniques, news)) (Paris: Editions Alain Moreau, 1982).

K. constitutional challenges to criminal prohibitions on assisted suicide. K. case of Pretty relied upon the right to be free from inhuman and degrading treatment under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Similarly, Sue Rodriguez claimed that the criminal prohibition on assisted suicide violated her right to be free from cruel or unusual treatment under section 12 of the Canadian Charter. Both attempts failed as the judges rejected the idea that the presence of the criminal prohibition on assisted suicide or the refusal to waive its application in advance could amount to ‘treatment’ within the meaning of the constitutional guarantees.

Alister Browne, ‘Assisted Suicide and Active Voluntary Euthanasia’ (1989) 2 Can. J. L. & Juris. 35, 38. A. Knopf, 1957) 341, 346. ⁶¹ Engelhardt & Malloy, above n. 40, 1010–11. ⁶² Ibid. 1010. ⁶³ Dworkin, above n. 46, 239. 4. 22 Assisted Dying and Legal Change Whatever the foundation of the liberty-based right to suicide or assisted suicide, it is subject to the criticism that it is logically incoherent owing to a fundamental paradox. This argument relies on the familiar slavery example from John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty.

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