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This may increase the possibility of waste affecting phytoplankton populations. Extrapolation of laboratory results on waste effects is difficult because the testing of all wastes against all possible planktonic species remains t o be accomplished. It has been demonstrated that effects upon growth of phytoplankton vary with species and even among subgroups of the same species. Therefore, it is possible that within waste plumes, species composition of the phytoplankton community is altered as growth among species is affected differentially.

Heavy metals The rate of removal from solution into particulate form in estuarine and coastal waters varies for various types of pollutants. It may also for unknown reasons, vary from time to time for a specific pollutant. Further lowering of their concentration in solution in the sea may be caused by dilution, adsorption onto suspended particles, and uptake by organisms. Pollutants associated with particulare matter will be deposited primarily in estuaries and in the near-shore sea. Fewer than 10% (and probably fewer than 5% of the continental supply of suspended particles will reach the deep 9 ocean, diluted by a supply of material from sea-floor erosion.

Radioactivity It only becomes possible to recognize significant changes in the marine environment in time to be able to take corrective action if data from a valid baseline study exists. This is especially important in the disposal of radioactive wastes. Similarly, absence of sufficient knowledge of rate processes in the deep ocean makes it extremely difficult if not impossible at this time to make accurate models of the deep-ocean ecosystem. However, what is known indicates that biological processes are not sufficiently intense to alter the transport rates of radionuclides appreciably by physical processes.

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