Download e-book for kindle: Mechanics of Machines by G. H. Ryder, M. D. Bennett (auth.)

By G. H. Ryder, M. D. Bennett (auth.)

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Experimental values of the coefficient of restitution vary widely, depending on shape and size, and tend to decrease as the impact velocity increases. 3 m onto the top of a pile having a mass of 1300 kg. 8. Determine the depth of penetration of the pile, the height to which the driver rises after impact, and the energy lost during impact. Find also the efficiency of the system, and the mean power that has to be supplied if there are 20 blows per minute. 42 m/s The minus sign for the velocity of the driver shows that it is a rebound, that is, upwards.

36a, subjected to a number of external forces of which only three, F 1 , F 2 and F 3 are shown. A typical particle of mass m; is located at the point (x;,y;), and the point G having co-ordinates XG and YG is the mass centre of the system. 36b is a free· body diagram for the particle. 36 act directly on m;, and there will also be internal forces or reactions from adjacent particles. 30 F; 1 + F; 2 + F; 3 +(reactions from adjacent particles)= mia;. 33) 38 MECHANICS OF MACHINES Note that this result is not dependent on any angular motion that the body may have.

45 shows a rigid body with a typical particle mi at a distance ri from the mass centre G. miv/, and thus summing for all particles, the total KE is Li;miv/. 47) If the body is rotating about a fixed axis 0 at a distance r from G, then vc =rw and hence KE = ticw 2 +-tm? 2). 46 has a mass of 9 kg, and is released from rest in the horizontal position. 46 23 Nm at the pivot 0, determine the angular velocity of the door just before it strikes the rubber stop at A. If after rebound, the door rises to the position where 8 is 20°, find how much energy has been lost from the system due to the inelasticity of the rubber stop.

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Mechanics of Machines by G. H. Ryder, M. D. Bennett (auth.)

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