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By David Herlihy

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Strains the historical past of relations lifestyles in the course of the center a while and examines medieval marriages, formative years, motherhood, and fatherhood.

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At all events, from our earliest indications and into the fourth and even fifth century, Roman girls, at least those from families with means, were given in marriage at very tender years. Roman males, on the other hand, were quite mature when they took a bride, and many chose not to marry at all. 7 8 He thought too that husband and wife would then 18 Medieval Households grow old together-evidence that he believed women lived much shorter lives than men. The Roman general P. 79 The epigraphical evidence suggests an average age difference between groom and bride at marriage of nine years.

Yet they strongly insist that Brigid marry. Their behavior highlights the capital importance of the relation of brother to sister's son (the "avunculate") in the early Irish kinship system, and indeed of all relationships running through women. To be sure, Irish chiefs certainly wanted male descendants, to uphold in a violent world the status of their lineages. 34 But they also wanted the pedigree of male descendants certified through matrilineal connections. In urging her to marry, Brigid's brothers further argue that her husband, who will surely be noble, will be for brothers and for father a propugnator et amicus, a champion and friend.

133 But alongside this positive assessment of the very young, Christian tradition supported a much harsher appraisal of the nature of the child. In Christian belief, all persons, when they entered the world, bore the stain of Adam's sin and with it concupiscence, an irrepressible appetite for evil. Moreover, if God had predestined some persons to salvation and some to damnation, his judgments touched even the very young, even those who died before they knew their eternal options. The father of the Church who most forcefully and effectively explored the implications of original sin for children was again St.

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