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Brain Readings is a set of obtainable readings on the most very important themes in cognitive technology. even if an individual attracted to the interdisciplinary examine of brain will locate the choices worth studying, they paintings really good with Paul Thagard's textbook brain: An advent Cognitive technology, and supply additional dialogue at the significant themes mentioned in that e-book. the 1st 8 chapters current ways to cognitive technology from the point of view that considering involves computational strategies on psychological representations. the remainder 5 chapters speak about demanding situations to the computational-representational figuring out of mind.Contributors : John R. Anderson, Ruth M. J. Byrne, E. H. Durfee, Chris Eliasmith, Owen Flanagan, Dedre Gentner, Janice Glasgow, Philip N. Johnson-Laird, Alan Mackworth, Arthur B. Markman, Douglas L. Medin, Keith Oatley, Dimitri Papadias, Steven Pinker, David E. Rumelhart, Herbert A. Simon.

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A theory at the algorithmic level specifieshow the computation is carriedout, and ideally it should be preciseenoughfor a computer program to simulatethe process . The algorithmic theory, to borrow againfrom Chomsky, should explain the characteristics of humanperformance- where it breaksdown and leadsto error, where it runs smoothly, and how it is integratedwith other mental abilities. We have two goalsin this chapter. Our first goal is to characterize deductionat the computationallevel. Marr criticizedresearchers for trying to erect theories about mental processeswithout having stopped to think about what the processeswere supposedto compute.

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