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Ioy :∶ because the nalne of that Son of Man had been yevealed to them. And he sat on the throne of 'IiuΔ to be Uⅱ fo:rtunat¿ Iy, they"ιtend 麓뭉 狂 ξ #:弑 f#f방 표 표 ⅜ o f∶ :ξ 「 to pass away and be destyoyed 1 the f¸ ce the earth. '盂 'oㅍ ● ● . And from then on there ⅵ 11 of be nothing corruptible, for that Son of Mah has 拌滯 빠韓瞥 I志 Ij珏 ;ξ ii澣 麓 土∶∴#:;땀孟 芷 ㄸ 塤麥 1∬ i麗 the sea. 표 i宰 but only the dust of ashes and the slnell of 專 靜곧 sⅡ 1oke. (2 EsDRAs 13:3-11) Jesus appears to have shared this basic a 脇 襄 掖鶴 溺溺蘿 倂雛 殮擺 捲 룡翔 "½ j:::i¾ " e;귿 F*將 」 ::g雜 :+:擺 T詮 띰 瑪 精 #芯 枉무 :'':¾ ;;∬ :+무 :∶ eξ ::;조f∫ ;::ii:::I:; 領 昰헌f瑤 e瑟 : 壯 =β :므 l:::;::;;:쵸 H:;:i:s∶ 몸 뻗끙 琺묘 ㄾ ˙ S晶 끎뜯#a요 무 표꿈 표 :⅜ iI류 1£ '’ 11:i:'● ::i¡ Reνe/,α ι f/oIt""e, η The logic behind this systeⅡ 1 of reversals be pretty clear, given whai we’ ve already seei: 뭄 끊 ξ 꿉 띰표냥 Hlt注 ∬꿉 tiξ God ⅵ 1I now suffdring and— oppressed now--the people of who are opposed b γ ㄾ :銷 τ H生 T'ON fI㎡ η reassert himself.

Those who ¬ And there wi11 be weeping and gnashing of teeth ⅳhen you see Abrλ haln and Isaac and Jacob and aⅡ the prophets ln the ㏏I떵 dom, but you are cast out; and people wi11 colne froyn o"κ Hℓ ι e ¿ ℓ eκ IφpTe‘ eκ "α ν ιε ιε ,ℓ 'ℓ 'oy'ℓ ¼ αι κ ι I'ℓ 'wo '’ η Io‘ ι , "ε ,"gℓ ,θ ¸'" 'ε oκ “ ‘ ‘ Jℓ ''eκ ', α ι‘ ㎐ φ J '0 ''’ ε e,"‘ ’ ℓ ν ℓe"‘ 〃 I〃 'eα ’ 'η r 'κ e '"0,ℓ λ ι'". '"〃 A'' '½ '''’ east and west and f'om north and south and I“ e jη ¨ ecline 〃"o〃 ιI,ιακ ‘’ 〃κ ‘ "‘ 〃 ""g,, Iιρ ι 羽 "I''ℓ κ 'ℓ¼ "'ooα 'o "ℓ ℓ ν 0'ι ℓ ℓ ι , g'ν PIIηρ "κ " ''ι '''ℓ " ℓ ΔeI力 〃力w‘ ''ν 〃κ ,‘ ℓ I〃 r'ι ι φ I φ ‘ "α tzI'ℓ ,’ at t¼1,le in the Kingdotn of God .

1'、 BATHSH=BA AND HER SⅡ RVANT CIRLS BATHINC. ::or’ ‘ era, can be traced back to King Da、 Tid. ” /ith Da● ’ entertaln the idea, as ynany scholars do, t the biograp㏉ of King Davld as we nnd it in the of Saynuel was flrst coynposed durlng the reign of / and ⅵ 1hng to overlook the bloodlest deeds and nastiest sins of KIng Daⅵ d. The punishing vid hiynself (circa 1005-965 B. C E ) or perllaps du deity who dictated so ynany stern laws of moral con— and successor, King Soloynon, is sornetiIyles cal duct to Moses does not appear to much care, for ex— And let˙ ξca11 the principal authot of the royal mple, that DaⅥ d seduced and impregnated a married 쇳 rap11¸/ wonlan while her husband was seI● 1ng as a soldier on his (or her) nayne or the circunlstances under the front lines and then conspired to Iγ luyder the hus— he (or she) Iived and worked.

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