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By Tatiana Bazzichelli

ISBN-10: 8791810086

ISBN-13: 9788791810084

The ebook represents a primary tentative reconstruction of the heritage of inventive networking in Italy, via an research of the realities which in past times two decades have given method to an artistic, shared and conscious use of applied sciences, from video to desktops, contributing to the formation of Italian hacker communities.
Networking capability to create nets of kinfolk, by way of sharing studies and concepts with the intention to converse and scan artistically and the place the writer and the reader, the artist and the general public, act at the comparable point. In Italy, due to the choice use of web, in past times 20 years of experimentation an unlimited nationwide community of people that proportion political, cultural and creative perspectives has been shaped. lively in underground environments, those initiatives use varied media (computers, movies, tv, radio and magazines) and take care of technological experimentation, or hacktivism, counting on the terminology utilized in Italy, the place the political part is a principal subject. The Italian community proposes a sort of serious details, subtle via self sustaining and collective tasks the place the belief of freedom of expression is a imperative theme.
The publication describes the evolution of the Italian hacktivism and web tradition from the Eighties to the current. while, it builds a mirrored image at the new function of the artist and writer who develop into networker, working in collective nets, reconnecting to Neo Avant-garde practices of the 1960’s (first and best Fluxus), but in addition Mail artwork, Neoism and Luther Blissett.
A course which all started with the BBSes, replacement net structures subtle in Italy part manner during the 1980's even sooner than web even existed, after which moved directly to Hackmeetings, to Telestreets and networking paintings of alternative artists akin to 0100101110101101.ORG, [epidemiC], Jaromil, Giacomo Verde, Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici, Correnti Magnetiche, Candida television, Tommaso Tozzi, Federico Bucalossi, Massimo Contrasto, Mariano Equizzi, Pigreca, Molleindustria, Guerriglia advertising, Sexyshock, Phag Off and so forth.

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It should be underlined however that while in Milan the anarchical wing of punk was fused by the experience of the Social Centres, in Rome, for example, punk remained for the most part diffident with regards to all the forms of "political" practice, even though it remained outside of the traditional and the institutional. Above all, many were interested in, the idea of the freedom and the anarchy that were experienced within punk culture; going against the rules and all the theoretical frameworks.

The point of view of Costretti a sanguinare is that Punk is neither a fashion trend, nor a subculture, nor a "spectacular youth band", but a movement which brings with it very strong ideals of breaking against the tradition and the rejection of the ideologies of past years. Punks are aware of the death of such utopias, but in spite of this they do not fall victim to nihilism, as much of the information of that time would have us believe. Together they work to build a future and they do it with their means (poor) and their ideas (antagonism and rejection), willingly keeping themselves on the confines of determined 61 environments of spectacular visibility, as it is defined in a large part of the more commercial cultural industry.

The schism occurs due to political and technical reasons, which are, above all, tied to the cryptographic discourse, not permitted in FidoNet and instead promoted by some internal realities in the Cyberpunk arena as a form of tutelage for individual freedom16. From this schism, in 1993 an alternative BBS network called CyberNet is born and a few experimental BBSes are created, configured in a way to dialogue between them through the CyberNet network number. Senza Confine BBS (Macerata) is the national hub and the other three nodes are Hacker Art BBS (Florence), created in 1990 (in 1994 it becomes Virtual Town TV BBS), Lamer Xterminator BBS (Bologna), created in 1991, Bits Against the Empire (Trento) and Decoder BBS (Milan), which was created 80 especially for the occasion.

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