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By Luca Torrioni, Emilia Pescasseroli

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Themes mentioned during this compilation contain the synthesis and houses of intermediates in reactions of aldehydes with P(III) chlorides synthesis of heterocyclic compounds by way of interplay of aldehydes with monoterpenoids replace on aliphatic aldehydes in lipid meals inhibition of microbial biocatalysts by means of biomass-derived aldehydes and techniques for engineering tolerance co-oxidation procedures promoted by means of N-hydroxyphthalimide/aldehyde platforms and the constitution of gossypol condensation bis-product with 2-amino-4,6-dioxypyrimidine in acidic surroundings. bankruptcy 1 - Synthesis and houses of Intermediates in Reactions of Aldehydes with P (III) Chlorides (pp. 1-48) Authors / Editors: (M.B. Gazizov, R.A. Khairullin, R.F. Karimova, K.S. Gazizova, natural Chemistry division, Kazan nationwide study Technological collage, Kazan, Russia) bankruptcy 2 - Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds by way of interplay of Aldehydes with Monoterpenoids (pp. 49-80) Authors / Editors: (Oksana S. Mikhalchenko, Konstantin P. Volcho, Nariman F. Salakhutdinov, N.N.Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of natural Chemistry, Siberian department, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) bankruptcy three - replace on Aliphatic Aldehydes in Lipid meals (pp. 81-100) Authors / Editors: (M.C. Pérez-Camino, R.B. Gómez-Coca, W. Moreda, meals caliber and Characterization division, Instituto de l. a. Grasa, Consejo enhanced de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Sevilla, Spain) bankruptcy four - Inhibition of Microbial Biocatalysts by way of Biomass-Derived Aldehydes and strategies for Engineering Tolerance (pp. 101-120) Authors / Editors: (Laura R. Jarboe, Zhanyou Chi, division of Chemical and organic Engineering, Iowa nation collage, Iowa, united states, and others) bankruptcy five - Co-Oxidation tactics Promoted through N-Hydroxyphthalimide/Aldehyde method (pp. 121-138) Authors / Editors: (Lucio Melone, Carlo Punta, division of Chemistry, fabrics, and Chemical Engineering «G. Natta», Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy) bankruptcy 6 - Synthesis and constitution of Gossypol Condensation Bis-Product with 2-Amino-4,6-Dioxypyrimidine in Acidic atmosphere (pp. 139-144) Authors / Editors: (K.Z. Tilyabaev, F.G. Kamaev, A.M. Yuldashev, B.T. Ibragimov, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

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94 k (45a); 220 (PCl3). 1). The crude 11a was used directly for oxidation by DMSO. By heating 11ain vacuo PCl3, 10a, 2a and 45a were collected in a trap cooled by liquid nitrogen. 4 mmol). 1). PCl3, 10a, 2a and 45a were collected in a trap with liquid N2 by heating 12ain vacuo. 87 g, 26 mmol), respectively. 1. 3. Reaction of P(III) Chlorides with Aldehydes in Presence of EVE General Procedure Ethyl vinyl ether and aldehyde were consecutively added dropwise to refined P(III) chloride at 10 oC. The reaction mixture was allowed to stand for 72 hrs in a refrigerator.

Depending on a ratio of initial reagents it is possible to substitute all chlorine atoms at P(III). That has been proved by isolation of substitution products and their identification by a chemical methods or by means of 31Р NMR [33]. 3 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 2 R nP(OR ) 3 - n + (3 - n) R CH(OR )Cl R nPCl 3-n + (3 - n) R CH(OR )2 2 2 R nP(OR ) 3 - n + (3 - n) ClCH(OR )2 R nPCl 3-n + (3 - n) HC(OR )3 Compounds 12f-i appeared to be the most suitable objects for studying among the intermediates 12. The results obtained at their interaction with above-mentioned nucleophiles can be presented by the generalizing scheme [57]: O O O POCH2CH2Cl 50 CH2 CH2 O - RCHO O (MeO)3P + 4 CH3CHO - (MeCl + RCHO) O O POCHP(O)(OMe)2 CH3 1 -R Cl MeCH(OEt)2, 52b PCl + RCHO - (RCHO + EtCl) O 37 R 12f-h O 51 R 1 (R O)3P O POCHCl O 51b 1 POCHP(O)(OR )2 O O PCHMe O OEt 53 HC(OEt)3, 54b - (RCHO + EtCl + HCOOEt) O POEt + O 55 O O PCH(OEt)2 O 56 At mixing the compound 12f with ethylene oxide in the ratio 1:1 at +5°С very weak thermal effect (rise in temperature by 2 °С) is observed.

40 M. B. Gazizov, R. A. Khairullin, R. F. Karimova et al. 4. 1. 47 g, 36 mmol) at 05 0C. p. 2) Anal. 69. Found C. 63. p. Anal. 74. 72. p. 2) Anal. 74. 68. p. 1) Anal. 20. 15. p. 2) Anal. 45. p. Anal. 29. 17. p. 2) Anal. 84. 85. p. 03 mm) Anal. 55. 44. 1-Chloro-2-Methylpropyl Bis (2,2,2-Trichloroethyl) Phosphate 65h. 2). 87. 67. Di(1-Chloroethyl) 2,2,2-Trichloroethyl Phosphate 65o. p. 2). Anal. 74. 67. 2. 84 g, 115 mmol) at 0-2 0C. p. Anal. 69. 53. p. Anal. 74. 67. 91 g, 93 mmol) in diethyl ether (100 ml) at -10 oC.

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