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By Emanuel Rosen, Walter Scott

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ISBN-13: 9781859412114

This e-book offers a prepared perception into the constitution and serve as of the attention, how the elements may well malfunction evidently and the results of trauma and disorder. This ebook presents a transparent evaluate of the problems concerned giving the reader an perception into the part components of the attention and their collective malfunction. Ophthalmology greater than the other department of scientific perform makes use of jargon that's most likely unintelligible to the uninitiated. This booklet includes a important effortless reference consultant to ophthalmic terminology

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Figure 2 (below). Cross-section of the eye globe. The human eye is a complex organ. It is housed and protected in all aspects by the bony eye socket, except for its frontal aspects (Figure 3, page 8) where the eyelids and eyelashes serve to prevent the ocular surface from drying out and inhibit access to foreign material. The lacrimal or tear gland located under the 7 Ophthalmology Figure 3. Cross-section of an eyelid. upper, outer portion of the eye socket produces one component of tears which continuously bathe the eyes with moisture and nutrients.

25 Ophthalmology VITREOUS BODY The bulk of the posterior segment of the eye is hollow and is occupied by the vitreous humour (Figure 2, page 7), a gel-like structure in young eyes which degenerates with age to become a heterogeneous solution of aqueous humour and collapsed gel fibres. It is bounded by a molecular membrane—the hyaloid membrane—which is clinically differentiated into an anterior and posterior portion. Both membranes figure in clinical ophthalmology, the posterior Figure 13. A fluorescein angiogram of a normal retina but with a variation in the usual vascular pattern.

The cornea also serves the important function of filtering out the light and near-visible elements of the electromagnetic spectrum wavelengths which are potentially harmful to the delicate retinal tissues at the back of the eye. These include both infrared and ultraviolet portions of the electro-magnetic spectrum. As the cornea plays such an important role in the focussing of light, abnormalities or irregularities in the shape of the cornea will affect clarity of vision, producing ‘refractive errors’.

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