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By Thomas R. DeGregori

ISBN-10: 0470292075

ISBN-13: 9780470292075

ISBN-10: 0813805139

ISBN-13: 9780813805139

Content material:
Chapter 1 technology, know-how, and the Critics of Modernity (pages 1–8):
Chapter 2 technological know-how, built-in Inquiry, and Verification (pages 9–20):
Chapter three Reductionism: Sin, Salvation, or Neither? (pages 21–26):
Chapter four at the path of DNA: Genes and Heredity (pages 27–39):
Chapter five Vitalism and Homeopathy (pages 41–52):
Chapter 6 Disenchantment and the price of Rejected wisdom (pages 53–63):
Chapter 7 Rejected wisdom, Nature, and the Occult (pages 65–81):
Chapter eight Vitalism, the natural, and the Precautionary precept (pages 83–93):
Chapter nine Feeding Six Billion humans (pages 95–132):
Chapter 10 Romantics and Reactionaries (pages 133–149):
Chapter eleven danger, illustration, and alter (pages 151–160):

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Iressa “targets signaling pathways vital to cell growth and survival. Specifically, it blocks a docking post on cancer cells that receives a chemical signal that triggers out-of-control growth” (Ackerman 2002). Critics do not understand that specificity and reductionism can only be achieved because the researchers had an understanding of layers and layers of complexity. In fact, “an organism is a complex assembly of different kinds of cells that perform many different functions. A major goal of biological research is to understand how that complexity is generated” (Pawson 2002, xv; see also Oltvai and Barabasi 2002; Milo et al.

In 1928, Frederick Griffith published an article on his work with bacteria in which he presented the first indication that the nucleic acid carried the information for inheritance, or the “transforming factor” as he called it (Judson 1996, 17–18; Fruton 1999, 438; and Lagerkvist 1998, 111–13). Griffith died in an air raid on London in 1941. His work at first perplexed others in the field but eventually Oswald T. Avery and coworkers were able to replicate Griffith’s experiment (Judson 1996, 18–19).

Ehrlich’s insight and study of living cells led to the synthesis of Salvarsan, which became the main treatment for syphilis before the discovery of penicillin (Garfield 2001, 157–59). Sulfa, the first miracle drug (the sulfanilamide group, SO2NH2), was developed by Gerard Johannes Paul Domagk using the aniline red dye called Prontosil. Another aniline red dye may today offer help for Huntington’s disease (Sanchez, Mahlke, and Yuan 2003). Sulfa drugs, or sulfonamides, were effective against puerperal fever, which took such a horrendous toll in young mothers’ lives.

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Origins of the Organic Agriculture Debate by Thomas R. DeGregori

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