Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006. Parallel - download pdf or read online

By J.H. Kwon, A. Ecer, N. Satofuka, J. Periaux and P. Fox (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0444530355

ISBN-13: 9780444530356

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Parallel hybrid particle-continuum (DSMC-NS) movement simulations utilizing 3D unstructured mesh

, Pages 1-10, J.-S. Wu, Y.Y. Lian, G. Cheng, Y.-S. Chen
A Parallel CFD-CAA computation of aerodynamic noise for cylinder wake-airfoil interactions

, Pages 11-18, Sven Peth, Jung H. search engine optimisation, younger J. Moon, Mare C. Jacob, Frank Thiele
CFD difficulties numerical simulation and visualization by way of parallel computational system

, Pages 19-26, Dmitry A. Orlov, Alexey V. Zibarov, Alexey V. Medvedev, Andrey N. Karpov, Ilya Yu. Komarov, Vladimir V. Elesin, Evgeny A. Rygkov, Andrey A. Parfilov, Anna V. Antonova
Markov prefetching in multi-block particle tracing

, Pages 27-34, Marc Wolter, Andreas Gerndt, Torsten Kuhlen, Christian Bischof
A parallel 2-D explicit-implicit compressible navier-stokes solver

, Pages 35-42, C.B. Velkur, J.M. McDonough
A numerical research at the collision habit of water droplets

, Pages 43-50, H.W. Nam, E.J. Kim, J.H. Baek
Parallel URANS simulations of an axisymmetric jet in cross-flow

, Pages 51-58, R.K. Agarwal, J. Cui
Parallel functionality evaluate of relocating physique overset grid software on workstation cluster

, Pages 59-66, Eugene Kim, Jang Hyuk Kwon, Soo Hyung Park
Streamfunction finite aspect process for magnetohydrodynamics

, Pages 67-74, K.S. Kang, D.E. Keyes
Parallelization of phase-field version to simulate freezing in high-Reflow—multiscale process implementation

, Pages 75-82, Ying Xu, J.M. McDonough, K.A. Tagavi
Parallel estate of strain equation solver with variable order multigrid process for incompressible turbulent move simulations

, Pages 83-90, Hidetoshi Nishida, Toshiyuki Miyano
Parallel mumerical simulation of shear coaxial LOX/GH2jet flame in rocket engine combustor

, Pages 91-98, S. Matsuyama, J. Shinjo, Y. Mizobuchi, S. Ogawa
Construction of numerical wind tunnel at the e-science infrastructure

, Pages 99-106, Jin-ho Kim, Jae Wan Ahn, Chongam Kim, Yoonhee Kim, Kum received Cho
Efficient distribution of a parallel task throughout diverse grid sites

, Pages 107-114, E. Yilmaz, R.U. Payli, H.U. Akay, A. Ecer
New cooperative parallel procedure for enormous CFD computations of aerodynamic info on multiprocessors

, Pages 115-122, S. Peigin, B. Epstein
Performance research of fault tolerant algorithms for the warmth equation in 3 house dimensions

, Pages 123-130, H. Ltaief, M. Garbey, E. Gabriel
Parallel deferred correction procedure for CFD problems

, Pages 131-138, D. Guibert, D. Tromeur-Dervout
Performance evaluate and prediction on a clustered SMP process for aerospace CFD purposes with hybrid paradigm

, Pages 139-145, Yuichi Matsuo, Naoki Sueyasu, Tomohide Inari
Non-intrusive facts assortment for load balancing of parallel applications

, Pages 147-153, Stanley Y. Chien, Gun Makinabakan, Akin Ecer, Hasan U. Akay
Reuse technique for open-source software

, Pages 155-164, Jong Bae Kim, Sung Yul Rhew
Design of CFD challenge fixing atmosphere in keeping with cactus framework

, Pages 165-172, Soon-Heum Ko, Kum gained Cho, Chongam Kim, Jeong-su Na
Prediction of secondary move constitution in turbulent couette-poiseuille flows within a sq. duct

, Pages 173-180, Wei Lo, Chao-An Lin
The prediction of the dynamic derivatives for the separated payload fairing halves of a release car in unfastened falling

, Pages 181-188, Younghoon Kim, Honam okay, Insun Kim
Variability of mesoscale eddies within the pacific ocean simulated through an eddy resolving OGCM

, Pages 189-196, B.Y. Yim, Y. Noh, S.H. You, J.H. Yoon, B. Qiu
Sensitivity learn with worldwide and excessive solution meteorological model

, Pages 197-206, Paola Mercogliano, Keiko Takahashi, Pier Luigi Vitagliano, Pietro Catalano
Computational functionality evaluate of a constrained region meteorological version through the use of the earth simulator

, Pages 207-214, G. Ceci, R. Mella, P. Schiano, ok. Takahashi, H. Fuchigami
A scalable high-order discontinuous galerkin technique for worldwide atmospheric modeling

, Pages 215-222, Hae-Won Choi, Ramachandran D. Nair, Henry M. Tufo
Weather prediction and computational features of icosahedral-hexagonal gridpoint version GME

, Pages 223-230, H.S. Chaudhari, K.M. Lee, J.H. Oh
Numerical research of circulate regulate via a digital flap on unstructured meshes

, Pages 231-237, Sungyoon Choi, Oh Joon Kwon
Implicit kinetic schemes for the correct MHD equations and their parallel implementation

, Pages 239-244, Ramesh ok. Agarwal, Heru S.R. Reksoprodjo
Parallel simulation of turbulent move in a 3-D lid-driven cavity

, Pages 245-252, J.M. McDonough
Numerical research of supersonic jet circulate from vertical touchdown rocket automobile in touchdown phase

, Pages 253-260, Toshiyuki Suzuki, Satoshi Nonaka, Yoshifumi Inatani
Parallel computation of a big variety of lagrangian droplets within the LES of a cumulus cloud

, Pages 261-268, I.S. Kang, Y. Noh, S. Raasch
A fluid-structure interplay challenge on unstructured moving-grid utilizing openMP parallelization

, Pages 269-276, Masashi Yamakawa, Kenichi Matsuno
Investigation of turbulence types for multi-stage release motor vehicle research together with base flow

, Pages 277-284, Soon-Heum Ko, Chongam Kim, Kyu Hong Kim, Kum received Cho
Path optimization of flapping airfoils in accordance with NURBS

, Pages 285-292, Mustafa Kaya, Ismail H. Tuncer
Aerodynamic optimization layout method for turbomachinery in line with parallelized 3D viscous numerical analysis

, Pages 293-300, Zhirong Lin, Bo Chen, Xin Yuan
Genetic set of rules optimisation of fish form and swim mode in fully-resolved circulation field

, Pages 301-308, Sho Kusuda, Shintaro Takeuchi, Takeo Kajishima
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, Page 309

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Extra info for Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006. Parallel Computing and Its Applications Proceedings of the Parallel CFD 2006 Conference Busan city, Korea (May 15–18, 2006)

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Though both these methods have inherent advantages and disadvantages, shock capturing methods are best suited for complex flow problems involving shock waves for which we do not know either the location or number of shocks---a typical scenario for engineering applications. The interested reader is referred to the review by Moretti [1] for further details regarding these two classes of methods. Use of shock capturing methods allows us to develop algorithms to solve only the governing system of PDEs over the entire domain.

E. the geometrical definition of used grids does not change over time. Furthermore, during the inspiration and expiration phase, the air flow within a nose shows a dominant direction. Each of the 165 timelevels is divided into 34 blocks containing 443,000 points. The engine data set depicts the inflow and compression phase of a four-valve combustion engine. e. the geometry and dimension of defining blocks change now with each successive timelevel. Besides, an obvious flow direction is hardly determinable.

C o n c l u s i o n a n d F u t u r e W o r k We presented a Markov prefetcher as an optional component of the parallel postprocessor Viracocha. The prefetcher is used for predicting data requests in multi-block particle tracing. By the exploitation of auxiliary multi-block topology meta-data, the particle integration algorithm already diminishes the amount of blocks to be loaded. The prefetcher takes care of an optimum overlapping of I/O and computation. The remaining I/O waiting time is reduced considerably when using the runtime evolved Markov prefetcher.

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