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By Buskes G. (Ed)

ISBN-10: 0821821466

ISBN-13: 9780821821466

This publication includes 9 well-organized survey articles by way of major researchers in positivity, with a powerful emphasis on practical research. It presents perception into the constitution of classical areas of continuing services, f-algebras, and essential operators, but additionally includes contributions to trendy themes like vector measures, operator areas, ordered tensor items, non-commutative Banach functionality areas, and frames.

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345 (1994), 195–221. [HMW03] M. Henriksen, J. G. Woods, Spaces X in which every prime z-ideal of C(X) are minimal or maximal, Comment. Math. Univ. Carolinae 44 (2003), 261–294. [HW92a] M. Henriksen and R. Wilson, When is C(X)/P a valuation ring for every prime ideal P ?. Topology & Appl. 44 (1992), 175–180. [HW92b] M. Henriksen and R. Wilson, Almost discrete SV -spaces, Topology & Appl. 46 (1992), 89–97. [HW04] M. G. Woods, Cozero complemented spaces; when the space of minimal prime ideals of a C(X) is compact, Topology & Appl.

C ∗ -algebras need not be unital, but at least they all have positive, increasing, approximate identities of norm ≤ 1. In fact this approximate identity may be taken to be the set of all elements in A+ of norm < 1, with a suitable ordering. For nonunital C ∗ -algebras it is often better to not work with the state space S(A), since this may not be compact in this case, but with the (compact) quasistate space Q(A) of positive functionals of norm ≤ 1. In what follows, Q(A) may be replaced by S(A) if A is unital.

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