Prussian Napoleonic Tactics 1792-1815 (Elite 182) by Peter Hofschroer PDF

By Peter Hofschroer

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Написанная экспертом по прусской армии наполеоновской эпохи, это увлекательное знакомство с эволюцией Прусских войск в 18-ом веке. Вплоть до заключительной битвы с наполеоновской армией

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Losthin’s Bde comprised the 18th Infantry and 3rd and 4th Silesian Landwehr, Hiller’s the 15th Infantry and 1st and 2nd Silesian Landwehr. The fusilier battalions were thrown forwards to form skirmish lines. Bülow needed to link up with Wellington’s threatened left flank; he sent two of Losthin’s battalions (one of regulars, the other of Landwehr) swinging right towards the Chateau de Frichermont and the village of Smohain, and a similar pair of Hiller’s units left towards Virère Wood. Meanwhile, each brigade formed its remaining one regular and five Landwehr battalions into two waves of attack columns, deploying from columns of march as they arrived on the field.

The company sergeant-majors stood in the centre of the battalion to guard the colours, and two files, each under an NCO, were now detailed as escorts on each side of the colour party. The divisional officers – the captain and first lieutenant – each stood on the right flank of their At Prenzlau, 28 October 1806, Murat’s cavalry forced the Prussians under the Prince of Hohenlohe to capitulate. This impression of an engagement during the action shows French dragoons in combat with Prussian grenadiers in square.

Com 37 carried out this manoeuvre, on the left flank of the Corps the brigades of General von Sanitz and General von Tauentzien were very heavily engaged with the enemy. After a short pause, we were ordered to move closer to the enemy. We moved off again, and part of the regiment passed by a [clump of bushes] in front of us. As we were to advance in echelon, each battalion wheeled to the left by about 40 paces and formed one echelon, with the entire line advancing [in the direction of] the enemy position on the heights of Closewitz until within artillery range, and halted under artillery fire while the echelons formed into a single line.

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