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Proof. x/ ; where K is the essential supremum of L. x/> K jÄ p : 1 T In particular v 2 L0a . ; H / and together with Novikov’s criterion it yields . ı W v/ D 1. Moreover if we assume that V is right invertible with an E . 1. Hence, to get ¨ unel R. S. Ust¨ 48 the invertibility of V , it suffices to prove that V is right invertible. 18) has a unique strong solution. Since S is a Polish space the Yamada–Watanabe criterion [13] also applies for Eq. 18). Therefore to prove the existence of a strong solution it suffices to check that a weak solution of Eq.

2. bjb/ < 1. bjb/ D Eb jPv1 j2HS # 2 where v is the Schr¨odinger drift associated with logarithmic Sobolev inequality ; . bjb/: Proof. 1 and v be the Girsanov drift of which is the free Schr¨odinger drift associated with b. bjb/ D H. j / Ä J. b;b/ Ä d. ; / Ä 2H. bjb/: t u ¨ unel R. S. 2 Information Loss on the Path Space Let . FtP /t 2Œ0;1 be a continuous filtration which satisfies the usual conditions. FtP /t 2Œ0;1 and S -valued Brownian motion starting from the origin. In the point of view of information theory one may think of B as a Gaussian noise in a transmission channel.

1. Let . FtP /t 2Œ0;1 on it which satisfies the usual conditions. Bt /t 2Œ0;1 be an S -valued FtP -Brownian motion on . ; F P ; P/ and U W t 2 Œ0; 1 ! Ft /-adapted, continuous process.

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