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Optically stimulated luminescence dating of a silt layer nearby reveals an age of ca. 28 ka (BN 243). More precise values cannot be given due to the limited amount of material after treatment of the sample. The ephemeral creeks cover parts of the dune field with alluvial fans. D. 60–240 (Beta 159973). ) carried out experiments on cosmogenic-isotope dates of several gravel dunes by considering inheritance effects of previous exposures of the gravels that are forming the dunes. P. P. by interpreting contents of the isotope 10Be.

In years with sufficient precipitation, the lake—dammed by a giant bar—contains water throughout the year. Usually it drains by percolation through the fine gravels of the bar, while a lateral breach incised in the bar by previous overflow remains dry during the current discharge regime of Sargalchuk catchment. Figure 35. Longitudinal profile along Katun and Chuja Rivers between the Big Ilgumen River confluence and the former ice dam with locations and elevations of giant bars and related levels.

For the Lake Missoula flood it took about 50 years after first publications by Bretz (1925) until the concept became established (Baker, 1973a, 1973b). Reviews on the history of research of the Lake Missoula flood given by Baker and Nummedal (1978) and Baker and Bunker (1985) reveal the number of established points of view of scientists and even philosophical aspects that first have to be overcome to let the giant outburst flood become widely accepted. 4 Open Questions In the previous subchapters, frequently mentioned uncertainties characterize the current state of knowledge about the outburst floods along Chuja and Katun valleys.

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