Amer Faris's Red Flags: Memoir of an Iraqi Conscript Trapped Between PDF

By Amer Faris

ISBN-10: 078644262X

ISBN-13: 9780786442621

"I was once a prisoner prior to the battle; i'm no freer now after the war." This memoir of an Iraqi soldier writing below a pseudonym makes use of "red flags" as a metaphor for army pursuits in the course of his country's invasion through the USA in 2003. He recounts his involvement in Saddam Hussein's military and the government's Baathist rules, which he less than chance of execution, and says hazard got here as a lot from the suspicious Iraqi executive as from American invaders. Even the autumn of Baghdad and the Hussein govt has no longer resulted in a greater lifestyles for his humans, whom he says are nonetheless divided by means of warfare.

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The battery unit commander did not get angry over the criticisms Iraqi cannons in the desert, surrounded by barbed wire, with an abandoned military police car behind them. Military police traveled in such cars, looking for and executing deserters or soldiers fleeing their posts. 50 PART I: A STORY OF WAR of the battalion leader, perhaps because such humiliating remarks are common among the officers of all ranks. S. attack. He ordered Major Yasir to oversee the organization and close examination of the soldiers.

When Sadeq noticed signs of astonishment on my face, he said, “Don’t be surprised. ” The days that followed were no different from my first day there. I had to go to the cannons of the battery unit and stay there until the officer pushed a button close to his bed, which set off the alarm announcing the end of the morning alert. The officer would stay in bed till noon, while his personal cook supervised the soldiers, and the officer would punish those who were not present during the alert after his midday breakfast.

There was no space in its corner except for a plastic bucket that was used for urinating and defecating. During my first days there the stench was unbearable, but with time, the olfactory receptors in my nose got used to it, especially since newly arrived inmates had to sleep in the corner where the bucket was placed. Sleeping further away from the bucket was a privilege restricted to those who had spent a long time inside a cell full of inmates. I had to wait for the transfer of an inmate, or his release, so that another one would take his sleeping place, and I would move to a place further away from the bucket by the distance of the man’s height.

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