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Very recently, Kudla and Schatz [161] have performed extensive quasiclassical trajectory calculations of the reactive differential cross section for OH + CO on the ab initio surface. They calculated the C 0 2 angular and translational energy distribution at the energy of the present experiment. Preliminary comparisons show quite a good agreement with the experimental results (see Figs. 20 and 21). 64). Clary [84] has recently carried out 3-D dynamical calculations within an approximate quantum mechanical scheme on the same potential surface, at several translational energies including that of our experiment.

REACTION DYNAMICS OF ΟΗ( 2Π) RADICALS Among free radical reactions, those of hydroxyl radicals are of great importance because of their primary role in atmospheric and combustion chemistry. The OH radicals dominate the chemistry of the troposphere in the same way that oxygen 35 atoms and ozone dominate the chemistry of the stratosphere [138]. Production of OH in the troposphere is driven by the UV photolysis of ozone O3 + hv -> 0 ( ! D ) +O2 followed by the fast reaction 0 ( ! D ) + H 2 0 H> 2 OH The radical OH is highly reactive and is involved in a great number of atmospheric chemical changes.

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