New PDF release: Ruthenium in Organic Synthesis

By Shun-Ichi Murahashi

ISBN-10: 3527306927

ISBN-13: 9783527306923

During this complete booklet, one of many major specialists, Shun-Ichi Murahashi, offers the entire very important features of contemporary man made chemistry utilizing Ruthenium, starting from hydrogenation to metathesis. In 14 contributions, written by way of a world authorship, readers will locate all of the info they want approximately this interesting and awesome chemistry. the result's a top quality details resource and a quintessential studying for everybody operating in organometallic chemistry.

From the contents:

  • Introduction (S.-I. Murahashi)
  • Hydrogenation and move Hydrogenation (M. Kitamura and R. Noyori)
  • Oxidations (S.-I. Murahashi and N. Komiya)
  • Carbon-Carbon Bond Formations through Ruthenacycle Intermediates (K. Itoh)
  • Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation through pi-Allylruthenium Intermediates (T. Mitsudo)
  • Olefin Metathesis (R. H. Grubbs)
  • Cyclopropanation (H. Nishiyama) Nucleophilic Addition to Alkynes and Reactions through Vinylidene Intermediates (P. Dixneuf)
  • Reactions through C-H Activation (N. Chatani)
  • Lewis Acid Reactions (E. P. Kundig)
  • Reactions with CO and CO2 (T. Mitsudo)
  • Isomerization of natural Substrates Catalyzed via Ruthenium Complexes (H. Suzuki)
  • Radical Reactions (H. Nagashima)
  • Bond Cleavage Reactions (S. Komiya)

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Shun-Ichi Murahashi's Ruthenium in Organic Synthesis PDF

During this entire booklet, one of many best specialists, Shun-Ichi Murahashi, provides all of the vital elements of recent man made chemistry utilizing Ruthenium, starting from hydrogenation to metathesis. In 14 contributions, written by way of a world authorship, readers will locate the entire details they wish approximately this interesting and awesome chemistry.

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