Shame and Jealousy: The Hidden Turmoils by Phil Mollon PDF

By Phil Mollon

ISBN-10: 1855759187

ISBN-13: 9781855759183

Right here, disgrace and jealousy are tested as hidden turmoils; as uncomplicated human emotions present in everybody yet frequently suppressed and overlooked. An unfulfilled want, unanswered plea for aid, and failure to hook up with and comprehend folks are all underlying factors for disgrace and feeling insufficient. released for the Institute of Psychoanalysis by way of Karnac.

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However, i t is articulated i n more detail i n Kohut's (1971) account of the vertical split i n certain narcissistic developments. For e x a m p l e , K o h u t describes t h e case of M r J, w h o s e presentation i n the analysis was for some time characterized b y qualities of grandiosity a n d exhibitionism. D u r i n g one session he mentioned casually that after shaving i n the mornings he w o u l d carefully rinse his razor a n d clean the sink before w a s h i n g a n d d r y i n g his face.

I n this respect there m a y be links w i t h other conditions i n v o l v i n g failures i n grasping social meaning and i n understanding the m i n d s of others, such as is f o u n d i n autism and Asperger syndrome (Concoran, 2000; Frith, 1994). The p r o b l e m m a y arise f r o m neurobiological abnormalities that result i n difficulties i n processing emotional and social information, and impairments of the n o r m a l filtering, focusing and sorting of perceptual stimuli. Such patients live w i t h the continual threat of engulfment b y cognitive a n d perceptual chaos—the "black h o l e " of non-meaning (Grotstein, 1977, 1990).

1956, pp. 462-463] The o r i g i n a l Other is of course the m o t h e r — a n d i n shame-prone people, the b o d y has been felt to belong to her, and is therefore the object of hatred. A particular area of shame i n relation to the b o d y concerns sexuality. Certain German terms illustrate the close association of shame and sexuality. For example, the genital region is called die Scham, the pubic m o u n d Schamberg and pubic hair Schambaare. There is something about sexuality that is inherently intimate to the self (and one's lover) and w h i c h cannot be shared p u b l i c l y w i t h o u t some feeling of s h a m e — o r if there is an absence of shame w e feel something i m p o r t a n t is missing.

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