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By Robin Bayne

ISBN-10: 1586084011

ISBN-13: 9781586084011

To a couple, moving is a gift-to others it's a curse they're born to.... In SHIFTERS, trip to worlds choked with wondrous chances ... and infrequently terrifying realities....

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Her child, born from the pain and anguish of his beginnings, would inherit power from her, the human Coihlar blood, as well as the cursed blood of his father. From the villagers Bretuck had received only superstition, hatred, and by some tolerance, but to her, he was the truest joy in her life. html Demon’s Curse Her mind skimmed over pleasanter, recent memories, back to her darker days. Back to the time of "un-Bretuck". That day, the most profound one of her young life, had started out wondrous on one hand and the worse ever, on the other.

Once his eyes opened, visitors shuddered and made some excuse to leave. Her son might have won some villagers over eventually, even with his eerie eyes, if it’d not been for the other "strangeness" that quickly showed up– separating him irrevocably from other infants. He was six months old, and although the situation was tough, Azra had hopes one day things would even out. She’d put Bretuck down for a nap while she picked herbs in her garden. The small window above his crib allowed her to hear his every sigh, and would alert her to his awakening.

The interior was darker than the tree shadows, relieved only by the hearth fire, which threw out shoots of sparks and faint light. It lit the witch’s face and Azra realized she’d held her breath for a horrified moment, for the old crone looked an ogre in its lair. The woman grinned widely, showing two bone white teeth, everything else in her mouth blackened or greenish with decay. Azra shivered as she realized how the witch’s appearance replicated the hut’s exterior, and the old sorceress knew well the image she created.

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