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By Victor Szebehely (auth.), K. B. Bhatnagar (eds.)

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6. CONCLUSIONS In terms of the to as Laplace's all the initial influencing the activities of Laplace's demon (to which Poincare refers fantasy) it is noted that the demon must know exactly conditions, must know all of the laws of physics motion and must be able to formulate the equations of NEW NONDETERMINISTIC CELESTIAL MECHANICS 13 motion. After this is accomplished he will have to present, preferably in closed form, explicit solutions of nonintegrable differential equations and predict the future behavior of the system as t ~ 00 exactly.

1, pp. 105-110. : 1958, 'New Aspects in=the Theory of Stability qf Hamiltonian Systems', Comm. Pure and Appl. ~ Vol. 1. ~~, 41. -- THE NATURE OF THE CRITICAL INCLINATIONS IN ARTIFICIAL SATELLITE THEORY Shannon, L. C. A. ABSTRACT. Mainfolds of orbits with stationary perigees are intrinsic features of the averaged main problem in aritifical satellite theory: they bifurcate off the manifold of circular orbits at the points where stability flips to instability and vice-versa. 1. A. R. prepared the launching of manmade satellites have astronomers turned their attention to the problem of predicting the motion of a mass point at low altitudes in the field of an oblate planet.

6). Since the function (q1+q2+q3+q4) is analytic over the whole plane (Q1,q2,Q3,q4)' it can be put in the form of a convergent series in a,B 1 ,B 3 ,B 6 ,B 8 ,oc,M. B1+ A~B3+ AgB6 + A§B8 + t*a + c§ oc + Fg M + •.. = 0 (25) A. are obtained from the differential equations 1 1,3,6,8) Integrating, we get for Case I. When ¢o = 0, wI I Al I 2L5It 0,1,2, ... ) I A3 I A8 = Case II. When ¢ o = TI/2 ' I n2 L78 2 (4p s-t) W = TI2, w2 = _+ n/2. 1 2 (4p s-t), AIl= + lLIl 3 n 71 2 n2 LII 73 (4P s-t), All 1 2L~it All 6 2L II t, AIl= nIl t 58 8 56 (28) dt ) - ( dt ) dC s=O dC s (29 ) 2L~~t+ Further, we have C = ( 9 A.

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Space Dynamics and Celestial Mechanics: Proceedings of the International Workshop, Delhi, India, 14–16 November 1985 by Victor Szebehely (auth.), K. B. Bhatnagar (eds.)

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