The chemistry of organic germanium, tin, and lead compounds by Saul Patai, Zvi Rappoport PDF

By Saul Patai, Zvi Rappoport

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This can be the 1st publication to house C-Ge, C-Sn and C-Pb bonds as useful teams. this idea is helping to raised comprehend the chemistry of those compounds, which locate an expanding volume of purposes. the quantity concentrates on analytical facets, and on security and toxicology within the surroundings.

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E. dihalogermylenes) was already noted by Winkler16,23 in the 19th century. He reported the existence of GeCl2 in HCl solution and of GeF2 as the reduction product of K2 GeF6 by hydrogen. However, only in the beginning of the 20th century did fundamental investigations of dihalo germanium, including monomeric GeX2 , start77,488 – 491 . In 1926–1934, some methods for the gas-phase generation of monomeric inorganic derivatives of divalent germanium such as H2 Ge332,492 , F2 Ge493,494 , Cl2 Ge495,496 and Br2 Ge497 were developed.

In 1949, Anderson387 reported the formation of alkylalkoxygermanes Et4 n Ge(OR)n (R D Me, Et, Bu; n D 1, 2) during the reaction of Et4 n Ge(NCO)n and the appropriate alcohols; he did not isolate or characterize the compounds. In 1954, West and coworkers388 described the synthesis of all the methylmethoxygermanes by the reaction of Me3 GeI, Me2 GeCl2 and MeGeCl3 with sodium methoxide. In 1956, Anderson389 also synthesized the first trialkylaryloxygermanes Et3 GeOC6 H4 R (R D 3-Me, 2-NH2 )389 . As early as in 1962, Lesbre and Satge360 produced the Et3 GeOPh, the simplest representative of this series.

In 1962, Davidson, Hills and Henry437 obtained triphenyl(organylthio)germanes Ph3 GeSR by the reaction of Ph3 GeSNa with organic halides (R D Me, Bu, CH2 Ph, COPh, CH2 SMe), and by reaction of the latter halides with Ph3 GeSH in the presence of pyridine. For the synthesis of organyl(organylthio)germanes R4 n Ge(SR0 )n (n D 1, 2) the reactions of organogermanium halides with mercaptanes or with sodium mercaptides RSNa369,375 in the presence of organic bases369,438 were used. The reaction of Me3 GeSLi and Me3 CSH resulting in Me3 GeSCMe3 was also described.

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