Michael Ebifegha's The Darwinian Delusion: The Scientific Myth Of Evolutionism PDF

By Michael Ebifegha

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The idea of molecules-to-human evolution through ordinary choice (evolutionism), like creationism, can't be validated empirically. for that reason, the creationism-evolutionism controversy bargains a call among clever layout by way of God and unintelligent layout via evolutionary choice. Scientists are break up on philosophical grounds considering occasions within the immaterial realm are outdoors the purview of technological know-how. actually, designers declare items; no manufactured from a procedure, can account for a way it was once designed or for its ontology. for that reason, clinical American Editor John Rennie instructed that a technique to override a only evolutionary worldview is, if the creator/s seemed and claimed credits. writer Michael Ebifegha's prior publication The dying of Evolution presents the historic info of God's old declare for growing the universe sooner than an viewers. Dawkins, in his The God myth, did not deal with this old occasion; as a result, his assertion that "There probably is not any God" is defective. The Darwinian myth discusses the fossil checklist, the position of normal choice; the secret of the beginning of lifestyles and God's confirmation of service provider in global background. Ebifegha argues that either the clinical and philosophical research aspect to God because the writer and as a result the myth as such isn't approximately God, yet concerning the Darwinian paradigm of materialism.

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16 This means that we will never know how life originated on Earth. World-famous biophysicist Hubert P. Yockey confirms this fact. 19 Since the origin of life is unsolvable as a scientific problem, it follows that scientists are not qualified by virtue of their discipline to reach valid conclusions about such philosophical issues. Accordingly, the title The Origin of Species that Darwin used to describe his “finches-to-finches” concept of evolution is inaccurate. The theory simply expresses the diversity of species; it says nothing about the origin of species.

Natural selection can produce a limited range of adjustments for survival in a changing environment. The idea of evolution by natural selection is derived from the breeding of animals and plants by artificial selection. And artificial selection controlled by human intelligence has a limit beyond which it becomes counterproductive, marking the limit of natural selection as well. The abrupt and inexplicable gaps in fossil data confirm this fact. It is technically wrong to confuse the roles of a selective process and a creative agency.

The origin of most of our domesticated animals will probably forever remain vague. • The doctrine of the origin of our several domestic races from several aboriginal stocks has been carried to an absurd extreme by some authors . . ” Darwin makes no contribution to science in the above quotations. ) Here the word “origin” is used to express the different kinds of pigeons produced by artificial selection. This is merely an example of pigeon-to-pigeon microevolution. Darwin postulates “vertical” descent, but scientists are limited to “horizontal” descent.

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