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By C.H. Tyndale-Biscoe, P.A. Janssens

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Marsupials are very good gadgets for experiences on developmental procedures in all mammals together with people. Marsupials are very immature at start and suffer so much in their improvement in a pouch the place they are often manipulated in a number of methods with out affecting the mummy. each one of these reports are on platforms which principally mature prior to delivery in eutherian mammals and are for this reason tricky to enquire. awareness can also be attracted to definite positive aspects unusual to grownup marsupials: e.g., they keep growing all through grownup existence, useful for reviews on progress mechanisms, and additionally the composition of marsupial milk adjustments appreciably via lactation, most crucial in reports of hormonal rules of milk composition and secretion.

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Macrourus the mesonephros contains similar ultrastructural components as the metanephric kidney. These features include filtration slit pores (Fig. 21), brush border and deep basal infoldings in cells lining the proximal tubule (Fig. 22), and mesangeal cells in the glomerulus. The metanephros in newborn marsupials is non-functional but clearly exhibits the series G1 to G3. In S. harrisii the ureteric bud, capped by metanephrogenic mesoderm, is a small unbranched diverticulum in the dorsal body wall near the junction of the urogenital sinus and the mesonephric duct (Fig.

O. Box 84, Lyneham, ACT 2602, Australia C. H. A. ) The Developing Marsupial. Models for Biomedical Research ©Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1988 B. Green and J. C. Merchant 42 50 Vombatus ursinus 40 Isoodon macrourus Potorous tridactylus Dasyurus viverrinus 30 Macropus eugenii '" :2 "0 (J) Macropus rufogriseus aE 20 Trichosurus vulpecula 10 o ~ ________________________________________ Relative length 01 lactation ~ 100% Fig. 1. Percentage of milk solids (w/w) throughout lactation in marsupials Milk Solids Marsupial milk collected immediately after the birth of young is dilute, the solids fraction representing about 10% of the fresh weight of milk.

G. Charlesworth 1984, Reznick 1985), as is the view that mothers simply attempt to maximise the rate of growth and energy transfer to their young. In the following section we consider benefits and consequences of the provisioning of food through lactation, and how these interact with the patterns of growth in young marsupials. Consequences of the Emphasis on Lactation Termination and Variation of Reproductive Investment One of the more controversial hypotheses concerning the marsupial-eutherian dichotomy suggests that the divergence of marsupials from eutherians reflects marsupial adaptation for uncertain environments.

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